B-B Eyes


B.B. Eyes in 2011

B-B Eyes was a tire bootlegger during World War II, selling stolen tires for big money during the war rationing. When Tracy noticed B-B Eyes driving around in new tires during the war, he send an undercover police officer named O’Malley to infiltrate the operation.  B-B discovered O’Malley’s affiliation and killed him, leaving the body and a taunting note behind for Tracy to discover.

Tracy and Patton tracked down B-B’s operation but were captured and placed in warm paraffin.  Tracy and Pat were able to melt their bindings and laid a trap on the staircase of the garage they were held, hurting B-B Eyes face (which would later show the scars).  B-B escaped to the streets and while evading capture he jumped off a bridge on to a garbage scow.  The scow was soon dumped and he was trapped beneath the water by a discarded tire and seemingly drowned.

For years after his “death”, B-B Eyes acquaintances sought revenge on Dick Tracy to settle various grudges, including the death of his brother Jacques.  B-B’s wife Kitty and the gangster Itchy captured Dick and brought him to the Eyes’ home and attempted to starve him to death in the basement.  It was later established that B-B, Itchy and Shaky had been friends. His wife was arrested during the ordeal while Itchy was killed.  In 1983, B-B Eyes younger brother B-D Eyes and Itchy’s younger brother Twitchy attempted to scare novelist Stephanie Queen out of her house which was the same house B-B and Kitty owned.  The sought a fortune that had been hidden in the home but both were arrested.

BBEyesRevenge B-B Eyes finally turned up alive, having survived death beneath the water by using an aqualung he had hidden in a bootleg tire on the scow.  His existence finally came to light when an undercover Junior found him running a bootleg DVD operation with two thugs named Cueball and Screwball.  The two thugs anciently captured Honeymoon Tracy and B-B Eyes attempted to kill her by carbon monoxide poisoning to get revenge on his hated foe, but the arrival of Tracy and his Major Crimes Unit saved the day.  B-B escaped in the confusion and returned to his ex-wife’s home but Tracy had hidden in the back and surprisingly B-B Eyes surrendered without a fight.

BBEyesCombatThe gangster was soon released on bail paid by the new Mr. Crime and began working as a capo for Crime’s organization which included the rogues Mumbles, Doubleup and Abner Kadaver.  The evidence for his old murder case was lost in the evidence locker with the help of police mole, Lt. Teevo.  Following a raid and major confrontation between Tracy and his allies and Mr. Crime’s forces, B-B was arrested again.  It did not take long before Mr. Kleen, working for the Apparatus got B-B Eyes out of jail once again.  The Apparatus now giving B-B orders directly, the veteran criminal is now in charge of the organizations enforcement crew, which includes Doubleup and Mumbles.

The crew’s next job quickly came with the Apparatus instructing the trio to shadow their agent Hy Pressure as he forced Pop Wheaton to sell his farms mineral rights. Unknown the enforcers, Dick Tracy was there to catch Pressure in a string while members of the Black Heart Consortium, another criminal group were also on the farm in an involved plot to steal Diet Smith’s Space Coupe. B-B Eyes, Mumbles and Doubleup fought with Méliès and the Munro Brothers before the enforcers made a tactical withdrawal from the shootout.

A few weeks later the local Apparatus found itself losing a fierce war with the Black Hearts.  Méliès secured a contract with Abner Kadaver, whom he broke out of prison.  Kadaver was hired to kill B-B Eyes but instead offered his old boss a job with the Black Hearts.  B-B Eyes was well aware he was on the losing side and quickly joined the Blackhearts and most likely took Mumbles and Doubleup with him.

When created by Gould in 1942, B-B Eyes had no other name but in 2011 he was referred to as Mr. Eizlander by his secretary and also by Panda when they met outside of jail.  It’s later use by Apparatus members on multiple occasions confirm this is B-B Eyes real last name.  B-B considers his wife Kitty to be his ex-wife and it’s probable she has had no idea he survived the garbage scow many years ago.

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