Baskerville was commonly referred to as ‘Big B’ by his underlings in an attempt to conceal his identity.  Baskerville organized a trio of bank  robberies in the city, the first two arranged by his lieutenant, Big Al.  Baskerville was well aware of police capabilities in motoring a bank robbery and tracking the perpetrators and used a new recruit named Shirl Locke Holmes to disable police monitoring systems during those robberies.  Tracy would catch on to Shirl’s activities and so a trap was set at the third robbery.  Baskerville himself took part in the third robbery, using ten hounds he had specially trained to attack anyone that did not blow on a dog whistle. At first this unique weapon turned the tide in his favor against SWAT and Tracy when they ambushed his men during the robbery, but Tracy quickly deduced the purpose of their whistles and the police wrestled away the whistles.  When Shirl Locke showed up and was attacked by the hounds, Tracy took Baskerville’s whistle and gave it to Shirl.  The hounds then turned on Baskerville and mauled him to death.

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