Big Ace

BigAceBig Ace was the mastermind of a scam involving the managers of several city casinos.  Casino managers rigged slot machines allowing certain individuals to win large amounts of money ($750,000). These individuals, of the types that did not keep their money in a bank, were then robbed of their winnings.  One-Eyed Jack was one of these managers, and B.O. Plenty his target.  This plan backfired because of Dick Tracy’s investigation and Gravel Gertie’s vicious defense of her home.  After Jack was shot dead and his men arrested, Tracy posed as a cash delivery man for Jack and met Big Ace at a different casino.  Big Ace was a proud and unbeatable gambler and Tracy challenged him to a game of high card for double or nothing on the money.  Big Ace agreed and drew the Ace of Spades.  Tracy, using a card that could change its face using “Digital Imaging Thermal Technology” drew the Ace of Hearts and won.  Big Ace was irate and tried to shoot the detective but Tracy fired first, wounding him in the stomach. After this Big Ace was arrested on charges of extortion, robbery and attempted murder.  Big Ace was a fan of Yogi Berra quotes.

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