Big Boy

BigBoyAlphonse “Big Boy” Caprice, the kingpin of crime in Dick Tracy’s city was responsible for Tracy’s decision to become a cop. Big Boy ordered his men, led by Crutch to rob Emil Trueheart’s deli. When Emil didn’t cooperate, Cruch shot and killed the man and Tracy was knocked unconscious while Tess Trueheart was kidnapped. Tracy awoke to find police in the Trueheart home and vowed to avenge Emil’s death, rescue Tess and make things right. He joined the force and his first big case was a payroll robbery which Big Boy had planned. Big Boy forced Tess to drive the getaway car but Tracy rescued her and arrested Big Boy’s #2 Ribs Mocco and the triggerman Spike.

Both men would get out on bail and Big Boy ordered Dick Tracy’s murder. The hit attempt failed and Tracy went after Big Boy.  With police arriving at his apartment, Big Boy quickly laid a trap and shot Pat Patton through a door before escaping out a secret passage.  His Moll (girl) Texie Garcia held the smoking gun and tried to take the rap.  Big Boy would later turn out to be the villian in the Buddy Waldorf kidnapping case where he was arrested by Tracy after a fist fight.

From the penitentiary, Big Boy still ran his gang through Boss Jim Herrod, but when Herrod was killed, Big Boy went into a rage.  Using a smuggled gun, he took the prison warden hostage and escaped the joint.  Outside, he met his men at a hideout where they had taken Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart hostage. Big Boy first tried to kill the pair by burning them alive in a house and when they escaped the fire he attempted the execution with a Tommy Gun.  The timely arrival and gunfire of Pat Patton wounded Big Boy in the leg and Big Boy fled.  He would not turn up again until Jean Penifield was about to unveil her new book detailing Big Boy’s organization. After Jimmy White failed to kill her, Jean learned of Big Boy’s whereabouts, and shortly after, Big Boy was back in prison.

Years after being caught and imprisoned by Dick Tracy with his health failing, Caprice makes one final attempt to have Dick Tracy killed.  However, the car bomb intended for Tracy ended up murdering Junior’s wife Moon Maid.  After this final failure Bib Boy dies in a rage, his final wish to kill Tracy unfulfilled.


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