Big Frost

Big Frost was a racketeer who decided to eliminte the threat posed by the new Teleguard Camera invented by Diet Smith’s top scientist, Brilliant.  When Chief Brandon unknowingly let Frost into a police chief conference detailing the technology, Frost killed Brilliant and escaped.  Unknown to him, one of Brilliant’s Teleguards recorded the murder.  The police were initially unsure of his identity and Frost went free for a time.  His daughter Flossie hounds him to turn himself in, so he has her beaten and abandoned.  Flossie suffers amnesia and lives with the Plenty’s for a time until she recalls who she is.  Tracy would then plant a camera in one of Frost’s old cars and when he retrieved it the police swooped in and arrested him.  Chief Brandon would retire from the force following the case feeling guilt for the death of Brilliant and Pat Patton replaced him as chief.

Brandon largely disappeared from the strip, living in the city and running a lawn care business called “Lawn Order” and Frost served a long prison sentence.  Eventually he was released and within two days he tracked down Brandon’s business and snuck in while the former cop worked on some papers.  Frost shot Brandon three times and Brandon returned fire with a revolver, mortally wounding Big Frost who stumbled into a garbage bin two blocks away and died.

On the table in the hospital morgue, Big Frost’s body was greeted by Chester Gould himself.  Brandon recovered from his wounds.

3 Responses to Big Frost

  1. Gilbert Dumas says:

    I do belived that he got kill trying to kill retired Chief Brandon and was declared dead on 2011/10/23.

    Doc1947G from Canada

    • admin says:

      You’re right, he was all laid out on a slab in the morgue. I nearly forget this, Mike and Joe’s stories come fast and furious. Regarding Big Frost and Measles updates, I’m behind by about a year and half of story mostly because I got bogged down filling in the Locher years 2001-2011 and it was painful slow going. I’m hoping to catch up in this next month. Thanks!

  2. Michael Webb says:

    For killing Brilliant, Big Frost eventually got just what he deserved. I’m glad he got blown away.

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