Coffyhead and his parnters Lugi and Autumn Hews tried to discredit Junior’s Crimestoppers Club by framing them for shoplifting and when that fails his tries to have them killed and is then arrested.  Coffyhead was killed by Chief Brandon while trying to escape from prison. In the strips, he is shown constantly drinking coffee, and has a head shaped like a coffee pot.

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  1. Kent Phillips says:

    Lugi was killed escaping from jail, not Coffeyhead.
    During the Collins story ‘Who Shot Pat Patton’ in the 1990’s, he was shown as a reformed man who ran a chain of coffee shops.

    • KannaChan says:

      Yeah, I was about to comment the same thing. I recently started reading the old Dick Tracy comics and I’m currently up to the arc where Big Frost kills Diet Smith’s son, Brilliant.

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