Cut Famon

After being released from prison, Cut returned home to live with his brother Muscle and mother Maw. Cut put hi right-hand man Bail Gordon in charge of his protection racket, but when Bail fails to meet Cut’s expectations, he’s beaten and taken off the job. Cut later dupes Tracy into signing a promissory note that he would later put his name on as the party leasing the money, and use it to blackmail Tracy. Bail reveals himself though as G-man Jim Trailer and arrests Cut and Muscle. Before he can get them to headquarters, Cut triggers a secret alarm, and Maw comes to rescue her boys. She arrives as Tracy does, resulting in a shootout that leaves Maw and Muscle dead. Cut gets away and starts to form a gang again. Tracy infiltrates the gang in disguise and clues Trailer and Patton in on the gang’s process. Along the way, Tracy ends up inadvertently injured and while he’s unconscious, Cut and his gang uncover his disguise. They rough up Tracy and take him for a ride to where they plan to dump him. On the way, they’re stopped by Trailer, Patton and the police, resulting in a shootout. Cut and his man Kent survive and are handcuffed. Cut tricks Trailer into triggering the machine guns hidden in their car which mow down several officers. Cut and Kent try to get away, but they’re shot to death.

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