Dan Mucelli

Dan “The Squealer” Mucelli was in charge of Big Boy’s narcotics traffic with the help of Texie Garcia.  Mucelli was also the cousin of Big Boy’s #2 Ribs Mocco.  After his lieutenant Kenneth Grebb is killed, Tracy finds documents implicating Dan Mucelli in involvement in a dope ring. Anxious to get the papers away from Tracy, Mucelli befriends Junior by giving him a job as a bread delivery boy. When Junior discovers that the bread contains dope, he tells Tracy, who confronts Mucelli. Mucelli throws the lights, Tracy is shot twice and Junior accused because he was found with a gun in his hand. Using ballistics, Tracy proves Junior’s innocence. He then escapes from the hospital, catches Mucelli and uses ballistics again to show that Mucelli was the shooter.  Dan’s last name was often abbreviated “Muzel”.

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