Davey Mylar (Mr. Crime)

Davey Mylar first appeared (partially shown) in the June 16th, 2011 strip when he discovered a lockbox in the wreckage of the old George Alpha hideout.  George Alpha was the original Mr. Crime, and with Davey’s mother suffering financially after his father’s long sickness and death, Davey began rebuilding the Mr. Crime organization from his home computer.


Using the information in the lockbox, Davey made internet contacts and arranged for former Mr. Crime lieutenant Panda to be the head of his organization.  Mylar only communicated to Panda over the internet and Panda had no idea of Mr. Crime’s real identity.

The Mr. Crime organization continued to grow and add new members, including Mumbles, Doubleup, Abner Kadaver, B-B Eyes, Littleface Finney and Blaze Rize.  The growth of the gang caused repeated clashes with the police who began to uncover the size of the organization.  Panda ran much of the day-to-day operations and it’s unclear exactly how much Davey knew when it came to the nastier activities of the gang.

Unaware the police were closing in on the gang’s hideout in the Panda Talent Agency, Davey ordered that Blaze Rize meet “Davey” for dinner where he revealed to her his identity as Mr. Crime.  At this time, Panda thought Davey must be a nephew of Mr. Crime. The young computer nerd asked that Blaze help him visit the gang’s hideout and protect him while there.  On arrival he immediately hit it off with Doubleup since both were big fans of the Scarlet Sting comic.  However, the arrival of the entire Dick Tracy crime fighting team made a mess of the visit.

Doubleup’s first instinct was to take Davey hostage but Blaze shot him (just a wound) and took Mylar away.  The two fled towards an escape tunnel but during the fire fight, a ricochet, possibly fired by Tess Tracy hit the new Mr. Crime in the back.  The wound was mortal and Davey made Blaze promise to make up a story for his mother.  Blaze followed through on this promise and no one else ever knew that Davey Mylar was Mr. Crime.

A headstone bearing Davey’s name and identifying him as “A Good Son” was shown at Wildwood Cemetery, indicating that his body had been found and buried, presumably by his mother.


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