FlipsideFlipside’s real name was Victor Promomo and he was a member of the Apparatus, a grand crime syndicate Dick Tracy has battled for years. Victor ran Flipside Inc, a producer of counterfeit records and cutouts (records deleted from a labels catalogue and sold cheaply to chain outlets). Flipside also produced a couple musical acts, none of which Promomo really enjoyed, but they made him money. Flipside was actually a huge fan of 50’s music. When a shop owner named Jake Staxx agreed to testify organized crime, Victor had his men the Stereo Brothers (A.M. and F.M.) to kill Staxx using a black sound generating box that triggered a heart attack.

Victor also sent the Stereo brothers to radio D.J.’s throughout the city, bribing them with payola (drugs, cars, jewelry) to play their music. When the brothers approached Themesong and Garry Doll they were rebuffed and so they murdered Garry with the black sound box. Dick Tracy began looking for the Stereo brothers and while the two were in hiding Flipside decided to bring back an old favorite of his, Sparkle Plenty. Sparkle had sung popular songs as a child and Flipside asked producer A.R. Mann to have her record some of the favorites as an adult. While Sparkle and Mann worked on the track, they overheard Flipside and the Stereo brothers discuss killing Themesong.

Sparkle made a phone call to Dick Tracy, saving Themesong from the brothers while she delayed Flipside in studio until Tracy’s arrival. Flipside thought quickly to avoid capture, holding a gun to Sparkle’s head and forcing her and Tracy into a sound proof booth, turning up the sound in the booth to 175 decibals which can kill. Sparkle fell unconscious but Tracy fought free and Flipside fled into his record warehouse where the two fought briefly. Tracy threw a record at Flipside’s legs, knocking him off-balance and into a record press. In a panic, Victor hit the on switch and his head was crushed flatter than a 45 record.

One of Flipside’s signatures was his tendency to offer an A side and B side to when presenting options.  Such as when he held a gun to Sparkle Plenty’s head, he told Tracy he had two sides he could choose, “The “A” side, drop the gun, the “B” side, I drop the girl.”

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