Measles Enog

MeaslesMeasles was the young man and son of Anna Enog, the matriarch of a women’s prison.  Measles was held in some regard by older criminals due to his nasty nature and was commonly identified by his blond hair and pock-marked forehead.

Anna’s son provided dope to his mother while she was in prison and this drug dealing was uncovered by Gravel Gertie who herself was in jail after her first run in with Dick Tracy.  Anna tried to kill Gertie but slipped and fell into some machinery and was herself killed.

Measles vowed revenge for his mother’s death and he threatened and then tried to kill Gertie after she got out of prison and began working at “Say it Again Flowers.”  Gravel Gertie had warned Dick Tracy and a Measles and his gang engaged in a gunfight with the detective.  Several of his gang were hit and Measles and another member of his gang fled in a car, hitting Tracy in the process.  The detective was dragged behind the vehicle until he was thrown into a snow bank.

On the run, Measles took refuge with the Gonzales family who lived in a shack next to a railroad line.  He gained their trust by helping with their groceries and accepting the affections of their daughter Paprika.  This relationship would lead the police back to him when Paprika went back to his old apartment to get his radio.  Tracy and Patton were watching and used her identity to find the Gonzales home.

Measles produced a gun from his radio and held the Gonzales family at gunpoint when Dick and the police arrived.  The crook tried to create a smoke screen with the stove, but Mrs. Gonzales knocked the stove stack over, filling the shack with smoke and forcing Measles outside where he was arrested by Tracy.

Tracy loaded Measles and the Gonzalez women onto the train car, planning to question all of them. When they arrived back and the rail yard, however, the excited railroad worked forgot to throw the derail switch, and the train car crashed into a shed. The collapsing rubble broke the handcuff that held Measles to Tracy and the younger man assaulted Tracy, took his gun and escaped.  Measles would later tell people he had headaches ever since this event.

Desperate to escape, the young man hopped aboard a passenger train which happened to be carrying Vitamin Flintheart and Snowflake Falls.  Vitamin smashed his cognac over his assailants head and went for help but Measles recovered quickly and leaped from the train into nearby flood waters.  He floated down river and tried to hide from police who were tracking him but was kicked in the head by a horse and taken to jail.

Shortly after his arrest, Measles attempted to escape from the local jail in which he was being held by deploying some tear gas capsules that he kept pasted to his body with a plaster. The capsule went off while Measles was being showered and he tried to flee. In the cloud of gas, he could not see where he was going, and he “fled” into an adjoining jail cell.

In 1981 Measles was paroled and became the suspect when Dick Tracy began receiving threatening letters. Measles had befriended another Tracy foe in prison, “Wormy” Marron and was staying with his cousin Wally Enog.  Wormy and Measles planned an armored car heist, enlisting the help of Wormy’s seamstress friend Dewdrop, another paroled criminal who had crossed paths with Dick Tracy in the past.

Dewdrop expressed a romantic interest in Measles, even though she knew Wormy would be jealous if he found out. Following a late night planning session, Measles asked Wormy to drop him off at his cousin’s home, unaware that the house was being monitored by Johnny Adonis and Lee Ebony. As Measles emerged from the car, the two officers approached and identified themselves. Measles surrendered, but Wormy backed the car into Lee, knocking her off her feet. Lee drew her gun and fired through the rear window, striking Wormy in the shoulder and wounding him. Wormy and Measles were taken into custody, and Measles inadvertently confessed that they had been planning a robbery. He was charged with violation of his parole and conspiracy, but it was discovered that he was not responsible for the threatening letters that Tracy had received.

By 2012, Measles was again out of prison and heavily involved in dealing and using drugs. He dealt with a partner named Bookie but when the two fell out over Measles drug use he shot Bookie and took up residence in the dead man’s trailer. Another criminal associate provided Measles with pain-killing adhesive patches in addition to the other drugs Measles was dependent on.

MeaslesHeresMeasles encountered Sparkle Plenty by coincidence, and learned that she was the daughter of Gravel Gertie. Measles saw the chance to get his revenge and tracked down Gertie to her home at Sunny Dell Acres. Measles burst in with his gun, but was caught off guard by a prepared Gertie who was armed with an axe and had called Tracy.  Tracy arrived, shooting Measles forearm while Gertie broke his collarbone with an axe and Sparkle poured hot ash from the stove across his back. Measles dove out a window and fled in the night to the middle of a field.

In terrible pain he took refuge near a tree and applied nine pain killing patches to his body and ate three more to speed up the pain relief process.  He prepared his weapon, fully intending to shoot it out with police but collapsed dead from an overdose.



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  1. Gilbert Dumas says:

    Died of an overdose of narcotics in patches on 11/11/2012

    Doc1947G from Canada

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