Mr. Intro


Mr. Intro was never drawn in the strip

Mr. Intro was an aging arthritic man who was a boss with the criminal underworld and may have been a member of the Apparatus. Intro kept his identity secret by wearing a bullet proof chain mesh over his head during meetings.  He also wore a bullet proof vest.  When Purdy Fallar came to Intro with a scheme to steal $50 billion worth of gold from the moon, the crime boss quickly agreed to the plot.  Intro would later point out money was not his motivation, it was the power to control men’s minds and to engulf and destroy a nation’s economy if needed.

Unknown to Mr. Intro, Purdy was captured and questioned by Tracy on the moon before he attempted suicide.  After that Tracy disguised himself as Fallar to catch Intro, who had arranged for Purdy/Tracy to deliver the first load of gold via Space Coupe to a submarine in the Caribbean.  Intro planned to use the submarine as his bank, storing the vessel on the bottom of the shallow waters.  Tracy delivered a load of fake gold, made out of painted wood to the submarine while Intro observed from a large yacht. Several of the bars fell free and floated in the water and the mobsters opened fire on the Coupe which soon began to struggle staying airborne. Tracy broadcast several warnings that he would fire an onboard laser if they didn’t cease-fire but Intro didn’t believe such a weapon existed.  He was wrong, Tracy fired the laser, incinerating the boat all those aboard.

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