Mrs. Volts

Mrs. Volts ran a criminal operation that robbed shipments of electrical supplies and then sold those supplies to large companies.  To increase her business she had some of her men go around attaching .22 shells to lights, causing them to burst.  Dick Tracy began to investigate the incidents and arrested one of Volts hirelings, the city electrical superintendent and got him to crack.  Then a truck driver showed up at police headquarters with claiming he was held up and provided a dog collar that belonged to Mrs. Volts dog Flapsie.  Meanwhile Volts tries to sell the stolen truck to B.O. Plenty at Sunny Dell Acres.  B.O. refuses and Flapsie runs off.  Mrs. Volts heads to cabin with her partner, shooting him not long after their arrival when he tries to ditch her.  Burying her partner under the cabin she returns to Sunny Dell Acres to get her dog back but B.O. gives her a shot of buckshot instead.  Deciding to kill Plenty, Mrs. Bolts wreckers a car into his home and burns the place down.  She then escapes to the home of her son Brier, hiding under thet sink.  Wedged in tight, she accidently breaks a gas line and asphyxiates herself.

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