Piggy Butcher

PiggyButcherPiggy Butcher was vile, cruel and overweight gangster who ran a stolen car racket that involved stripping the vehicles for parts and melting down the rest to become steel ingots produced by the underground steel mill near his farm.  The steel was then sold for the Vietnam war effort.

When the Chin Chillar’s husband and wife arrived in a stolen Space Coupe seeking refuge from Dick Tracy, Piggy brought them in.  But that was the end of his kindness.  Piggy forced the pair into slavery, cooking, cleaning, maintaining the farm and living in a stable.  Piggy constantly pressed his affections on Notta, even though he was both repulsed and amused by the beard on her chin.  He came to call her house-mother and attempted to shave the beard but relented when she cried out in pain.  Eventually the Chin Chillars became so desperate to escape they flagged down Dick Tracy in an air car.  The enslaved pair began spying for Tracy, who flew to Piggy’s room in his house using an air car where Moon Maid used her powers to zap Piggy who was carted off to prison.

Piggy awoke in prison to find his operation was no more.  He got out on bond and returned to the farm, hoping to recover his riches which had buried in a fake cemetery.  Unfortunately the police were digging up the graves, looking for bodies and found the money and jewels.

Penniless, Butcher vowed vengeance on Moon Maid for zapping him into jail.  He sought out a dame named Pollyanna who looked a bit like Moon Maid, and dressed her up as Junior’s wife and forced his attorney to dress as the Moon Governor.  He obtained a hand portable atomic ray gun from the Argonne Laboratory, which had been stolen by a spy named Marge Plainsman whom Piggy smothered with a pillow.  He gave the weapon to Pollyanna to kill Moon Maid at the Policeman’s Ball, but an accident in the cab resulted in Pollyanna, his attorney and the whole cab vaporizing instantly.

Piggy, now destitute and without allies descended into alcoholism when the Chin Chillars found him.  The couple dragged him off the street to the basement of their apartment.  They tied him up, intending to torture the mob boss but Sam and Tracy had tracked down their apartment home through an eye-glass prescription and knocked on the door.  Chin Chillar fired on the cops and they returned fire, killing Chin Chillar.  His wife surrendered and Tracy and Sam found Piggy, dead from strangulation.

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