Royal Flush

Often choosing to be called Flush or Royal, Royal Flush’s real name may have been Rex.  In 2007 Royal teamed up with a shady casino manager named Facet to rob a rival casino the Emerald Emperor.  Royal had a team of card themed hoodlums including Spade, One Eyed Jack, Deuce, Showdown and Trump to help him carry out the crime.  First royal sent Spade to deliver threatening messages to Dick Tracy, culminating with a blue diamond from Facet’s own Desert Diamond Casino thrown through the detectives window.  With the police focus now on the Desert Diamond, Royal followed through with a robbery of the Emerald Emperor.  Everything went well until the end when a rival jewel thief, the Queen of Diamonds got the drop on his gang and took their loot, leaving them for the police.  Royal was arrested with the rest of his gang.

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