Shoulders was a handsome, broad shouldered man who offered protection to street criminals in the form of bail payments and police payoffs. Shoulders got into trouble while fixing the arrest of the pickpocket Roach. Killing Roach and attempting to kill Roach’s daughter Themesong, Shoulders ditched his moll Honey Doll and went on the run. His seemed to die when his small plane crashed into a gasoline storage tank, but Shoulders would later re-appear.

A bit over a year later Shoulders and two accomplices, Jolie and Nehru Gandh stole a fortune in Indian gemstomes from an Old Settler’s Monument in the city park. Nehru would die during the theft and Shoulders shot Jolie dead a short time later. Shoulders then returned home to his new wife Mrs. Shoulders and her little daughter Honey. Posing as a salesman with the Emptier Brush Co. for his famiy, Shoulders contacted a fence named Beardsly who offered to buy the gems for $100,000. The next time Shoulders went home, however, Dick Tracy was waiting and while Shoulders was able to escape with his gems, Tracy shot him in the shoulder.

Shoulder’s fled to the Beardsly’s place and forced the fence to take him to a doctor. Going in and out of conciousness on the road, Shoulders awoke suprised and accidently shot Beardsley dead. Shoulders then pushed the car into an ice covered pond and sought refuge at Miss Varnish’s antique shop. Miss Varnish treated Shoulders and allowed him to stay but when the car was later discovered in the lake Shoulders would become enraged when Miss Varnish notified the police. In the chaos that followed, Miss Varnish got the upper hand of Shoulders, trapping him from the rafters when he went for his gun in the ceiling. Tracy arrived to arrest Shoulders, but Shoulders made one last play to escape, trying to shoot Tracy who kicked a ladder out from underneath him. Falling to the ground, Shoulders accidently shot himself in the head.

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