VenusLegThe mysterious Venus is the behind the curtains leader of the Black Heart Consortium, an up and coming criminal group that has usurped the long time Apparatus organization in Dick Tracy’s city.  Most of her early appearances have simply been a shapely leg showing from behind a privacy screen, often adorned with hearts.  The Black Heart’s first major move was an attempt to steal Diet Smith’s one remaining Space Coupe, which had long been in storage.  Since its creation, criminals (such as the 52 Gang) have been interested in using the Space Coupe for terrestrial crime.  Venus’s primary enforcer for the plan was Bardoll, who arranged for doctors Tim Sail and Zy Ghote to clone/rebuild the long dead Mysta “Moon Maid” Tracy to persuade Diet to reveal the Space Coupe.  The first theft attempt was a failure, with Bardoll falling to his death from a rooftop after a deadly struggle with Dick Tracy.

Venus replaced Bardoll with the more capable Méliès and tried again.  This time Méliès’s team, which consisted of the Munro Brothers simply had to wait for Diet and the Space Coupe to arrive at the Wheaton family farm after they lured Diet and the Coupe with the truth about the new Mysta’s origins.  Méliès and the Munro brothers fought with Apparatus members B-B Eyes, Doubleup and Mumbles until Flash Munro, Zy Ghote and Tim Sail managed to board the Space Coupe.  Noticing the departing spacecraft, Diet used a remote control to send it into deep space and Méliès was forced to return to Venus empty-handed.

With the Space Coupe out of reach, Venus redoubled the Black Heart’s efforts against the Apparatus and Méliès busted Apparatus assassin Abner Kadaver out of prison by faking his death.  They turned Kadaver to their side and hired him to kill the remaining Apparatus membership.  Kadaver took to his task with relish, only deviating from the plan when he recruited B-B Eyes to the Black Heart’s cause and Venus happily accepted the new recruit.


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