These women worked independently or attached themselves to male Bosses while dabbling in crime themselves.

NameActive YearsBrief BioLast Status
Texie Garcia1931, 1932Big Boy's dedicated Moll, Texie took the rap for shooting Pat Patton.Jailed
Belle1932, 2012Accomplice of Broadway Bates, his right hand girl.Unknown
Maxine Viller1933Sister of Stooge Viller and a skilled and intelligent crook.Free
Maw Famon1935Mother of Muscle and Cut Famon.Dead
Mimi1936Former girlfriend of Lips Manlis and one vengeful lady.Dead
Madeline Dell1937Member of the Perfume Gang.Jailed
Noana1938A woman who worked for a slave smuggler named Johnny Ramm. Noana worked with Pat Patton and Dick Tracy to bring down the ring.Unknown
Lilly1939Accomplice of Whip Chute, arrested by Dick Tracy for kidnapping Bovanian Princes.Jailed
Kitty1940, 1941Krome's double-crossing moll.Dead
Candy1941Girlfriend and accomplice of Duke the DipDead
Text of link1943Moll of 88 Keyes and a member of his gang until she was murdered.Dead
Anna Enog1945Corrupt Jail matron and part of dope smuggling racket at County Jail.Dead
Breathless Mahoney1945Breathless was the daughter of Shaky who went on the run after stealing his strong box.Dead
Mrs. Mahoney1945Fourth wife of Shaky and mother of Breathless Mahoney.Dead
Honey Doll1946Shoulder's girl, Honey Doll was abandoned by Shoulder's during their getaway.Unknown
Autumn Hews1947Lugi and Autumn Hews partnered with Coffyhead in his scheme to end Junior's Crimstoppers.Jailed
Sleet1949Member of Big Frost's gang identified by Sam Catchem.Jailed
Newsuit Nan1952Dame who was the taskmaster for the first Mr. Crime, George Alpha.Dead
Pony1953Blackmailer and partner of 3-D Magee who tried to blackmail Uncle Canhead.Jailed
Corny1954Girlfriend of the gunman Happy who worked for Rughead. Killed by Ned Noxx.Dead
Mimi1954One time flame and kidnapper of the criminal Rughead.Unknown
Skinney1956Young woman who became enamored with and helped Flattop Jr.Dead
Mary Jones1959Worked for the Hardley Syndicate watching over Headache and his slot machines.Dead
Olive Tomate1959Moll of crime boss the Fifth.Jailed
Burpie Upp1960UndocumentedUnknown
Queen of Spades1962The senior female member of the 52 Gang.Dead
Ugly Christine1965Sister of Mr. Bribery who tried to kill Dick Tracy.Dead
Dolly Tuzon1966, 1967First wife of criminal Haf and HafDead
Notta Chin Chillar1967, 1968Bearded, Space Coupe stealing wife of Chin Chillar.Jailed
Mindy Ermine1967, 1968Daughter of the perfume bootlegger Posie and runner-up in Moon Maid look-a-like contest.Jailed
Madam Parfum1967, 1968Sold bootlegged perfume in her Beauty Parlor.Jailed
Miss Intro, The Painted Lady1968, 1969Daughter of the underworld boss and criminal operator herself.Dead
Molene1971Granddaughter of the Mole.Dead
Crystal1974Fortune-teller and Big Brass's girlfriend.Dead
Angeltop Jones1978, 1984, 1985, 1986Vengeful daughter of Flattop Jones.Dead
Quiver Trembly1979, 1984, 1985, 1986Daughter of Shaky who partnered up with Angeltop Jones.Jailed
Prunella LaBoche1985, 1986, 1990, 1999Brilliant, yet revenge minded daughter/granddaughter of Pruneface.Dead
Fame1990An actress who played the role of Tess Trueheart in the Dick Tracy film.Dead
Heartless Mahoney1995, 2002, 2003Sister of Breathless Mahoney who held a long running grudge against Dick Tracy.Unknown
Prunehilda1999, 2003Equally ugly granddaughter of Pruneface.Dead
Dove2002, 2003Miss Dove was Hawk's girl and responsible for running the Bird Gang's hideout.Free
Pilfer Patty2004Criminal member of the All Purpose Gang and girlfriend of Fiendish Fred.Dead
Babe2005Girlfriend and murderer of crooked businessman J. Kindly Goodfellow.Dead
Doily2005Assistant to wanna-be-criminal oil man OilyUnknown
Queen of Diamonds2007Clever, diamond obsessed jewel thief.Dead
Miss Roma2008Right hand of the criminal Braces.Jailed
Angelorious2008, 2009Tried to steal a gasoline formula and sell it to the highest bidder.Dead
Hot Rize2011Aide to Flakey Biscuits and ran a drug trafficking operation.Dead
Stiletta Jones2012, 2013Ex-wife of Flattop Jones who seeks revenge on Dick Tracy for her dead husband and children.Free
Rikki Mortis2013A gothic assistant to murderous hitman Abner Kadaver.Free
Sprocket Nitrate2014Sister to theater based con man and murderer Silver.Free

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  1. Jim Bell says:

    Seems like you overlooked Zora Arson, sister of Boris Arson, who appeared from February 6, 1935 ’til May 16, 1935 when she is killed in a shootout on Cutie Diamond’s hideout in the Ozarks.

    • admin says:

      You are correct and I’ll get that corrected soon. It’s basically laziness on my part, I combined the Arson’s into one page “The Arsons” but I should seperate them. I haven’t taken the time to write a good article on them yet.

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