Angelorious was a woman who hired Professor Ethan Noll to develop a new type of high-octane gasoline.  For unknown reasons, she also presented herself to Tess Tracy as a representative of Wisteria Cosmetics wanting produce their new Noll created perfume called Love Fire.  When Ethan completed his formula, Angelorious arrived at his home, shot him (he would survive) and took the formula and sold it to the highest bidder, a man named Driller.  unfortunately, Angelorious discovered she had in fact stolen the perfume formula, and in a rage she returned to Noll’s house where Dick Tracy was now waiting.  Tracy splashed her face with the a gasoline sample, burning her eyes and she fled firing her weapon.  The deadly woman drove away in her vehicle at high-speed with Tracy in pursuit.  Driving nearly blind, Angelorious hit another vehicle and her car flipped and exploded into flames.  She died in the flames.

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