Angeltop Jones

AngeltopAngeltop Jones, real name Angelica Jones was the daughter of hitman and former Enemy #1, Flattop Jones and sister of Flattop Jones Jr., both who were killed while chased by Dick Tracy.  A 2012 storyline revealed her mother to be Stiletta Jones.

After her fathers death evading capture, Angelica and her brother were seperated with Junior placed in the care of their aunt and Angelica going into foster homes.  After high school she went to beauty school and opened up a chain of wig shops featuring her Angeltop Wigs.

In 1978, Angelica made a television appearance promoting her book, “Sins of the Father: My Life as Flattop’s Daughter”, in which she tried to clear her family’s reputation and accused the police of murdering Flattop. At this time, Angeltop was in a relationship with a young man who was the son of The Brow, a long dead nazi spy.  When she saw Junior Tracy and Vitamin Flintheart in the studio (for other purposes), Angeltop asked the Son of The Brow to shoot Vitamin to hurt Dick Tracy.  Recognizing the features of the Brow after the assault, Tracy asked Lizz to question Angeltop, suspecting her involvement.  Lizz it should be noted had killed Flattop Jr. many years before.  During the questioning, The Brow’s Son attacked Lizz, triggering a shootout in which the son was wounded and the two villians were forced to withdraw.

Angeltop Jones and the Brow’s Son lucked out and got the drop on Tracy, abducting him at gunpoint and transporting him to the harbor where a replica of the Santa Maria sat.  This was the same ship Flattop Sr. had drowned beneath many years before.  Angeltop bound Dick Tracy and kicked him into the water where her father had died.  Barely able to keep his head above water, Tracy waited while Sam Catchem and Lizz tracked the criminal duo and boarded the ship.  When the cops cornered her, Angeltop threw a kerosene lamp at the detectives and the ship burst into flames.  Angeltop was to close to the flames though and she caught fire and fell through the flaming hull into the water.  Tracy managed to cut his bonds (using the same nail that had doomed Flattop) and he and Lizz swam to safety while Sam and the Brow’s Son escaped topside.  Angeltop’s we would learn, survived.

After four years it was learned Angeltop visited plastic surgeon Will Carver (of Haf and Haf, Mumbles and Putty Puss fame) to repair damage after the fire.  Still working with the Brow’s Son (who was out of jail), the two paid Carver by killing him.  Angeltop then kidnapped Lizz and held her hostage in a house she had rented while attempting to once again kill Dick Tracy and his family by planting a bomb in the church where Junior Tracy was marrying Sparkle Plenty.  The Brow’s Son betrayed her and released Lizz, who was able to warn the wedding guests and then returned to the apartment and arrested Angeltop.

Tried and convicted for her crimes, Angeltop was transfered to a maximum security prison where she met Quiver Trembly, niece of the deceased villian, Shaky.  Quiver escaped the prison and took Angeltop with her and the two went into hiding, finding and adding a third member to their team, Prunella LaBoche, the granddaughter of Pruneface.

The trio stayed low profile and Angeltop used her inheritence in the posession of her Uncle Blowtop to rebuild the Santa Maria under the guise of a historical society.  The ship would become their primary hideout and when they learned Tracy would be cutting the ribbon at Diet Smith’s new fusion plant a new plot was hatched.  Prunella (a genius) constructed a suitcase nuke, only lacking nuclear material to make it work.  Angeltop attempted to purchase the needed plutonium from a man named Egan Oipse, however FBI agent Jim Trailer arrested the supplier first and Egan was killed trying to escape.

Prunella came up with a plan B, using Xylon, the same explosive that Shaky, Pruneface and Flattop had all been involved with years before.  Dick Tracy and his team followed several leads and interogated Blowtop to find the girl’s hideout in the Santa Maria.  After a raid by Police, the trio fled to their secondary hideout and the day of the ribbon cutting arrived.  Angeltop infiltrated the Fusion Plant with the Xylon bomb, disguised as a technician.  Prunella, who was observing Angeltop was caught off guard by Sam and Lizz and shot and captured by the two cops after a shootout.  The two cops then cornered Angeltop on top of a heavy water silo in the plant.  Angeltop fired on the police and attempted to detonate the bomb but it failed to trigger.  Quiver Trembly had mislead Angeltop and Quiver was the only one with a trigger (remote) to the bomb.  Angeltop held the police off with her firearm for a long time during which Lee Ebony captured Quiver Trembly back at their secondary hideout.  Finally, out of ammunition, Angeltop lured Dick Tracy to her and then lit a pack of dynamite, exploding dramatically.  There was no sign of Angeltop after the explosion and she’s assumed dead.

A few years later we learn that Angeltop had a son who went by the name, Hi-Top Jones.

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