BelleBroadway Bates girl, Belle assisted Broadway in his attempts to con Mrs. Trueheart out of her insurance money. Belle would lay the charm and sob story on delicatessen manager Heine Stueben to get the ball rolling. When the plot was foiled by a suspicious Tracy, Belle fired a gun at the cop from a side room and accidentally shot her own gang member Spike while Bates and Dick Tracy fought it out.  Belle ran in panic but was arrested escaping by Chief Brandon and Pat Patton.  Spike would later die from the gunshot wound.

In 2012, Belle and Broadway returned to Dick Tracy’s hometown after a long stint in another city, plagued by a caped crusader.  Belle claimed to have a friend named Harley that often helped out a boss named Mr. J.  The two villains returned home to find masked heroes in the newspapers as well.  Fed up with masked individuals, the two decided to send a message to all secret crime fighters in the city.

WillaScarletBelle dressed up as the villainess “Willa Scarlett” and convinced fake villain “Black Piranha” to join her in an armored car robbery.  The Piranha told her lover, the Cinnamon Knight about the robbery, and the Knight told Tracy. Broadway kept his entire plot a secret though and when “Willa” and the Piranha arrived to rob the vehicle Broadway ordered his men to open fire, with bullets hitting both women.  Belle called out for Broadway to cease-fire but he demanded his men to keep firing.  Tracy, who was on the scene returned fire and the criminals trapped in the armored car were forced to surrender.  The Black Piranha was wearing Kevlar and survived the shooting but Belle was badly wounded and it’s unknown if she survived.  Regardless, her time with Broadway Bates is probably over.

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