Breathless Mahoney

Breathless was the daughter of Shaky and after his body is found, she manages to get the key to his safe deposit box from headquarters. It contains fifty grand and after Breathless and her mother get it, a suspicious Tracy begins to keep his eye on them. Mrs. Mahoney, afraid that Breathless will rob her, takes too many stay-awake pills and has a heart attack. Breathless tries to escape but is shot in the shoulder by her mother. She fixed by a doctor and continues to escape until coming to the farm of B.O. Plenty. Tracy catches Plenty hiding her, and while he waits for the squad car, Breathless makes coffee with rat poison for the two men. Plenty and Breathless escape, leaving a drugged Tracy behind and soon Plenty falls unconscious as well. As soon as Plenty is back on his feet, he sets out to find Breathless and eventually runs into her. He forces her into the bank, takes her money and strangles her. She’s saved by the police and imprisoned while B.O. gets away.

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