FameFame was an actress who dated several different “sugar-daddies” in Hollywood to get her name on billboards before she became engaged to Vitamin Flintheart.  Fame longed for a role in the new movie, “The Dick Tracy Story”, and she made threatening phone calls and wrote harassing letters to lead actress B.U. Tifful making her drop out of the film.  Fame then was signed to play the part of Tess Trueheart.  Tess was initially excited to see a beautiful young woman playing her part until she had to witness numerous kisses between the actress and Dick Tracy who was playing himself.

Unknown to everyone, in Fame’s past she had worked for a circus at the same time as the psychotic Haf and Haf.  The two met again around the time of the film and Haf and Haf became her chauffer, allowing him access to the film, which he tried to sabotage because it did not include his character as a foe.  Fame was injured by flying glass from a falling light and ended up in the hospital.  After Haf and Haf was apprehended, Fame tried to fake a kidnapping by tying herself up on the H of the Hollywood sign.  Tracy however, had done his research and figured out everything Fame had done leading her to jump to her death.  She would die sadly in Vitamin’s arms.


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