Heartless Mahoney

Heartless Mahoney was the sister of Breathless Mahoney and held a grudge against Dick Tracy, trying to punish him for his sisters death on several occasions.  Since the loss of her cosmetics in 1995, her appearance has deteriorated dramatically . After spending a seven years in Iowa, Heartless faked her own death and “haunted” Tracy until she was caught. Tracy had mercy on Heartless and gave her a bus ticket heading to Tuscon, Arizona.  A year later Heartless had returned and underwent plastic surgery administered by Dr. Beau Tox.  She worked as Tox’s nurse and teamed up with him, Prunehilda and Dab Stract to commit brazen art heists after they altered Dick Tracy to look like Haf and Haf and Dab Stract to look like Dick Tracy.  The plastic surgeries performed by Beau Tox turned out to be temporary and when their young faces wore off, Prunehilda and Heartless poured acid on Tox’s face.  Defending himself, Tox fired on the girls, killing Prunehilda and wounding Deathless who was later arrested.  Deathless testified against Dr. Beau Tox in court and may have received a reduced sentence or witness protection for this.

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