Hot Rize

HotRizeGunplayHot Rize was introduced as an aide to Mrs. Flakey Biscuits, the owner of a very popular biscuit brand by the same name.  Rize also ran a cocaine drug trafficking operation, hiding the cocaine in the flour factory.  When a truck driver accidentally sent cocaine instead of flour to Gravel Gertie in Sunny Dell Acres, Rize had return to the home and swap the packages out with normal flour.  On the return trip, her driver Earl began asking to many questions and so she shot him and left him dead with the truck.

Police began investigating the murder and found traces of cocaine, leading them back to the Flakey Biscuits factory.  Sam found more suspicious containers and police dog Mugg smelled cocaine on a return trip.  Her operation blow, Hot Rize fired on the cops before taking cover inside a flour hopper.  Her employer, Flakey Biscuits turned on the hopper and Rize suffocated to death.  Mrs. Biscuits herself claimed her aide had forced her to stay quiet and was willing to rat out the entire drug operation in exchange for immunity and witness protection.

We soon learned Hot Rize had a twin sister named Blaze Rize.  Blaze made a deal with Panda and the new Mr. Crime, in return for her services, she was given the location of Flakey Biscuits in witness protection.  She tracked the woman down in Wisconsin and avenged Hot Rize.

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