Madam Parfum

MadamParfumMadam Parfum was the owner and operator of the Cute Skin Corporation, a salon that specialized in selling valuable perfumes.  Perfume bootlegger Posie Ermine and his daughter Mindy hijacked 50,000 ounces of Essence of Shala No. 5 and sold it to Parfum, who was aware of their criminal nature.  Posie had also just murdered a member of the Sunny Wheat cereal company after a failed attempt to bribe the vote for a Moon Maid Look-a-Like contest.

Dick Tracy, Lizz and Sam investigated the murder and suspected the Ermine’s and a Cute Skin Corp notepad led them to Madam Parfum’s salon where Posie and Mindy were living. Lizz entered, posing as a customer for Shala No. 5, but when Mindy Ermine noticed a police badge in her purse, she attacked Lizz with a pair of scissors.  Lizz overpowered Mindy and Parfum but the pair were released on bond by Posie’s attorney, Habe Corpussle.

Shala5Released they took shelter with Posie in the basement of his florist shop, unaware that the police were following them, hoping to find Posie.  That night, Dick entered the shop and with little difficulty, Parfum, Posie, Mindy and even Habe Corpussle were arrested.

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