Mindy Ermine / Glenna Ermine

MindyErmineMindy Ermine (also known as Glenna Ermine) was a teenager whose father Posie was a perfume bootlegger. Mindy entered the Moon Maid look-a-like contest sponsored by Sunny Wheat cereal. While her body matched Moon Maid’s, her face most definitely did not and so her father bribed a Sunny Wheat official to rig the contest.  Mindy still was only the runner-up, with Sparkle Plenty winning the contest.  Mindy was very upset and her father killed the bribed Sunny Wheat official.

Posie returned to his perfume bootlegging and Mindy joined him after a quick trip to South America for unknown reasons.  The pair sold a stolen load of Essence of Shala No. 5 to Madam Parfum, who ran a salon to sell the stolen scents.  Meanwhile, Tracy investigated the Sunny Wheat murder and clues left behind at the crime scene led them to suspect the Ermine’s.

Sparkle Plenty, who wanted to give runner-up Mindy a gift, accompanied police to their apartment.  Posie saw them coming and pulled out a gun while Mindy prepared to smash Sparkle’s head with a perfume bottle.  Tracy kicked open the door, causing Mindy’s bottle to shatter against her father’s face, temporarily blinding him.  She broke down sobbing and was comforted by Sparkle.  Still lacking evidence, Tracy did not arrest either father or daughter at this point.

MindyArrestMindy and Posie began sleeping at Madam Parfum’s salon and Lizz entered the shop posing as a customer for Shala No. 5.  Mindy seeing Lizz’s badge hidden in a purse attacked the cop with a pair of scissors but was quickly overpowered and both women were taken in to the police station. They were held only briefly, with Posie’s attorney, Habe Corpussle getting them out on bond.

Mindy, Parfum, Habe and Posie all hid out a florist shop owned by her father but were unknowingly tracked by Dick Tracy who infiltrated the shop at night and found the wanted Posie.  Everyone was arrested in short order although Mindy screamed she was only a juvenile and if this was true was probably not tried as an adult.

A number of years later, Mindy was chosen by Doctor’s Zy Ghote and S. Tim Sail to be their subject in an attempt to recreate the deceased Mysta “Moon Maid” Tracy.  Mindy was most likely abducted by the doctors, brainwashed to eliminate all her prior memories and modified using Lunarian DNA.  Finally, plastic surgery was used to alter her face and she “became” Moon Maid, reborn.  This character has since become Mysta Chimera and as such we’ve given her a seperate bio.

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