Miss Intro, The Painted Lady


The Painted Lady’s first appearance, shrouded in mystery.

The beautiful Miss Intro owned and operated a club called “The Painted Lady”, which was so named after Intro herself who painted herself each night for 10:00 PM appearance. Miss Intro was the daughter of deceased underworld boss Intro who was vaporized by the Space Coupe’s laser in an earlier Moon related case.

The Painted lady was a front for the Hair Bandits and other similar criminals who scoped out the club for well-groomed marks who they would follow afterwards, usually to their homes. There the victim would be knocked out with chloroform and shaved bald. The hair was then supplied back to Miss Intro who sold it to underhanded wig makers like Appero who sold the wigs at a premium.

PaintedLady_AngerLizz, Tracy and Sam worked the Hair Bandit case and after apprehending the bandits they planted a listening device on the wig maker Appero and learned he bought stolen hair from The Painted Lady. Tracy visited the club during business hours and engaged Miss Intro in a conversation, suggesting she may have been forced into some criminal dealings by others and asking her to talk. Intro invites Tracy over to speak the next day, but when Tracy arrives he found her dead, leading to her murder investigation.

Dick finds a palm print with a missing middle finger and various other clues. The obvious suspect is a former football hero named Hy Jacky whom Miss Intro had a relationship. Hy is a member of a Martin-Lewis Style Comedy act called Jacky and Breeze and none of the evidence matches him. Jacky however is the recipient of The Painted Lady through his girlfriend’s will, making Tracy suspicious.

Dick spends a great deal of time with Hy Jacky, feigning friendship and inviting Hy to the Moon with him and Diet for a spectacular game of golf. Tracy notices Hy’s strange golf grip and confronts him about his fake middle finger and the killing at The Painted Lady. Hy get’s violent and he and Tracy beat each other with golf clubs until the Governor of the Moon shows up and stops the fight. Hy confesses to the murder as Miss Intro had fallen in love with another man and planned to change her will. The Governor, claiming the Moon is his domain took Jacky into custody and promised Moon justice, which involved execution in the hot springs of Moon Valley. An extradition treaty was proposed and lucky for Hy, an exception made.

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