Notta Chin Chillar


Notta with her husband stealing a Space Coupe

Born Notteema Fallar, Notta married George Chin Chillar when she was 16 and took the name Notta Chin Chillar.  Notta came from a broken childhood, her father died in prison after murdering a judge, an older brother Fuller was killed in a gangland shootout and her mother died giving birth to her brother Purdy Fallar when she was just over a year old.  Notta claimed to have raised both her brothers growing up.

In 1967 both her brother Purdy and her husband worked on the Moon for Diet Smith Industries. At the time, Purdy’s record was clean and Notta considered him the “good” member of the family.  The Chin Chillars however had always dabbled in crime and were contacted by Mr. Bribery who was current in the state penitentiary but wanted their help recovering $100,000 in cash he had left floating in orbit by Bribery during an earlier crime.  The couple stole a Space Coupe from the Moon and broke Mr. Bribery out of jail and equipped the Coupe with a bird net to catch the floating money.  This went perfectly and the three celebrated with alcohol and the Chin Chillars drugged Bribery and then took him back to prison, dropping him off at a very high altitude which killed the strange man.

By this time, Diet Smith and Dick Tracy found them in a second Space Coupe and an orbital chase began.  For over a week the Chin Chillars sought to escape Smith and Tracy and they began to run dangerously low on food and water.  George dove this space craft into Earth’s atmosphere trying to lose the pair and accidentally burned their money bundle.  The Chin Chillars did evade notice for a short period of time though, and they sought refuge at the farm of mob boss Piggy Butcher, an old acquaintance of Notta’s husband.

NottaSlavePiggy Butcher was not a gracious host and he forced the Chin Chillars into slavery, cleaning up the farm, cooking dinners and using the Space Coupe to rob armored cars.  The steel from the stolen vehicles was melted down in an underground steel mill Piggy kept nearby.  Notta suffered the advances of Piggy who was attraced to everything but the beard on her chin, which he found hilarious and tried to shave.  Notta and George grew desperate trying to find a way out and soon they flagged down Tracy and Sam searching the area in air cars.  Tracy enlisted Notta to spy on Piggy using a two-way wrist T.V. to communicate.  Piggy’s men discovered they had become spies, but before anything could be done, he was apprehended right from his bed by the police with the help of Moon Maid.  The Chin Chillars were also rescued and a police assault ended with the deaths of Piggy’s gang.

The Chin Chillars and Piggy were both released on bond and the Chillar’s decided to seek revenge.  It took them some time (during which Piggy a failed attempt at revenge on Moon Maid), but the Chin Chillar’s found Piggy drunk on the street and dragged him back to their apartment basement.  They tied up him, intending to torture him to death.  Tracy and Sam however had tracked down their apartment through an eyeglass prescription and knocked at the door.  George opened fire on the cops and they returned fire, killing him.  The police entered the unit to find Piggy Butcher was also dead, having died of strangulation.

NottaJailNotta was arrested and incarcerated for the theft of the Space Coupe and most likely the death of Piggy Butcher.  Due to her help on Piggy’s farm, she may have received a light sentence, but in 1968 she remained depressed, behind bars playing sad songs on her guitar.  When her brother Purdy was questioned for the first murder on the Moon, she refused to believe her “good” brother was responsible.  Purdy met with Notta several times in prison, slipping her narcotics and arranging to break her out with a Space Coupe.  That never happened as Purdy was frozen to death on the Moon a short time later during a plot to steal gold from Diet Smith’s mines.  A doctor by the name of Klipoff got Notta’s permission to use try to bring Purdy’s frozen body back to life and there was some success and Notta was brought in to get a response out of her unresponsive brother.  The attempt was eventually considered a failure and Purdy was declared dead.

Notta would later go back to using her maiden name, Notta Fallar.


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