Prunehilda Plum

Equally ugly granddaughter of notorious spy Pruneface, Prunehilda Plum held a grudge against Dick Tracy and first appeared in a 1999 strip as the daughter to Prunella DeBoche.  Prunella herself was referred to as Pruneface’s granddaughter but appears to have been retconned into his daughter.  Prunehilda last appeared in 2003 when she underwent plastic surgery by Dr. Beau Tox.  Together with Heartless Mahoney, NoFace and Dab Stract, Tox and Prunehilda attempted to rob an entire museum of all its artwork.  After the heist the plastic surgeries on Heartless and Prunehilda wore off and the two poured acid on Dr. Tox’s face in anger.  Defending himself, Beau Tox shot Prunehilda dead and Heartless was wounded.  In some situations, Prunehilda’s name is written as Prune Hilda.

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