Prunella LaBoche

PrunellaPrunella LaBoche was first introduced the the duo of Angeltop Jones and Quiver Trembly in 1985 and was the granddaughter of Pruneface.  During the story it was revealed Prunella’s father was war hero who was killed in the Korean War.  Prunella suffered from the same wrinkled facial features as her Grandfather and she also inherited his genius, inventing her own computer and using her phsyics and engineering skills to construct a backpack nuke, minus the Plutonium.

Prunella and her accomplices hid out on a replica of the Santa Maria in the harbor and plotted to use the backpack nuke on Diet Smith’s new Fusion Power plant, which was scheduled to have Dick Tracy cut the ribbon.  The girls sought vengence on the detective for the deaths of their relatives.  Prunella made contact with a Plutonium 239 supplier named Egan Oipse but Jim Trailer intercept Egan and the radioactive material before the girls could get their hands on it.  Prunella followed through with Plan B and built a Xylon bomb instead using the recipie for Xylon from her Grandfather.

On the day of the Fusion Plant’s opening Angeltop infiltrated the plant as a technician with the Xylon bomb while Quiver stayed behind in the hideout to call in a ransom demand.  Neither Prunella or Angeltop had any interest in a ransom, they both intended to detonate the bomb regardless.  Prunella was observing Angeltop’s infiltration when Sam Catchem snuck up behind and held a gun on her.  Prunella fought him off when Lizz showed up and the two fired on each other.  Lizz was wounded in the shoulder while Prunella was shot in the body with a serious wound.  Sam called the paramedics and Prunella would recover but wind up in prison.  The overall plot would fall apart with Quiver going to jail and Angeltop blowing herself up with conventional explosives inside the plant.

Prunella appeared a second time in 1990, getting out of prison and now sporting shorter hair.  This story is mostly undocumented at this time and she would return in a 1999 story involving Pruneface.  After Pruneface fell to his death from a cable-car, Prunella committed suicide.  It should be noted, in this storyline, Prunella was Pruneface’s daughter, not granddaughter.  And a new character, Prunehilda Plum was introduced as Prunella’s daughter.

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