Queen of Spades

QueenofSpadesThe Queen of Spades was a member of the 52 Gang, an underworld organization hoping to expand globally using the Space Coupe which the King of Spades had recently stolen. The Queen was a 3rd in command and a member of the leadership group, the Royal Flush. All gang members wore black shirts and masks, hiding their identities, even from each other. When the 52 Gang gathered on a secret mesa plateau to relax and celebrate their accomplishments, Dick Tracy parachuted down in the dead of night, killed the Ten of Spades and took his place.

Tracy quickly discovered that the Queen and Ten of Spades had a relationship when she approached. Tracy raspily feigned fatigue and throat issues due to the festivities. Queen accepted this but reminded Ten that he belonged to her. Later the two would attend a Royal Flush meeting to get their new marching orders from the Ace of Spades. After the meeting the Queen of Spades again tried to talk to Tracy in Ten’s room and was put off again. Now suspicious, she listed at the door as he talked to Chief Patton, Lizz and Sam via radio. Dick noticed her shadow at the door and pulled the Queen of Spades into the room, rendered her unconscious and tied her up.

With the Queen subdued, Tracy secretly boarded the stolen Space Coupe with the Ace and King of Spades, who were taking the vessel to Hong Kong. In route he revealed himself and a fight broke out. In the battle the King of Spades was put into orbit and Ace of Spades was arrested. Tracy and the rest of the police then returned to the vacation hideaway in a helicopter and demanded the 52 Gang surrender. Though several other 52 Gang members put up a white flag, Queen of Spades violently refused. Her anger towards Tracy could not be contained and she fired a tommy gun at their helicopter. Tracy responded by dropping napalm on the plateau before his aircraft went down softly due to damage.

Angered at those of her gang trying to surrender, the Queen of Spades fired on any gang member who tried to surrender and many jumped to their deaths to escape the raging fire. In her fury, she was not aware that her own clothes were on fire. The Queen continued to fire her Tommy Gun until she alone lived on the plateau, then she threw herself from the cliff to fall like a fiery star.


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