Quiver Trembly

QuiverTremblyQuiver Trembly was the niece of Shaky Trembly, sharing his nervous shaking trait and attraction to money and crime.

When we first meet Quiver, her brother Tom has been arrested for attempting to blow up a middle schoolw ith dynamite.  Convinced her brother was a political prisoner, Quiver planned to hijack a plane to obtain his release.  Encountering Dick Tracy travelling with his family through the California Airport, Quiver posed as a college student taking pictures of little baby Josephy Tracy.  Actually, Quiver snuck a firearm in Joe’s baby carrier to get it through security and once in flight she grabbed her weapon, held the plane hostage and demanded her brother’s release.  Tracy grabbed her gun away and after she bluffed posession of a bomb the detective punched her in the face and gave her to the FBI on landing.

Quiver would escape federal custody off screen and then helped break Angeltop Jones out of jail as she was transferred to a maximum security prison.  During the escape, Quiver shot and grazed Lizz across the head.  Angeltop was greatful for Quiver’s help and the two teamed up with Prunella LaBoche, granddaughter of Pruneface, the three united by the common bond their relatives had shared.

When the trio learned Dick Tracy would be cutting the ribbon at Diet Smith’s new Fusion Plant, they plotted to destroy it and the Detective with a small nuclear weapon.  Unable to get their hands on the Plutonium from supplier Egan Oipse, Prunella decided to use her grandfather’s formula for Xylon instead.  While Angeltop infilitrated the fusion plant with Xylon bomb, Quiver called Dick Tracy and demanded one billion dollars from Diet Smith.  Prunella was shot and wounded near the plant while Angeltop was cornered in time.  Diet managed to delay Quiver long enough that Lee Ebony and a team of cops arrived at her apartment and arrested her.  Angeltop didn’t go down as quietly and blew herself up with a pack of dynamite in the fusion plant.

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