Rikki Mortis

RikkiMortisRikki Mortis was a slight gothic woman, assistant and fan of Abner Kadaver.  Kadaver had been arrested by Tracy and was serving life on 30 murder chargers when Rikki was approached by senior Black Heart organization member, Méliès.  Méliès helped Rikki break Abner out of prison by faking his death.  In return, Kadaver joined the Black Heart’s and took out a contract on members of the rival Apparatus organization.

For these contracts, Rikki worked as a courier to death, arranging for meetings with Abner in his out-of-the-way “Murder Mansion”.  When Mrs. Flattop, Stiletta Jones hired Abner to kill Dick Tracy, Rikki helped out by driving a dark and gothic horse and carriage and kidnapping Uncle Ray Tracy and Dick’s daughter Bonnie to use as bait for the detective.

Rikki once again drove the carriage to pick up Dick, who had been instructed to trade his life for his family members.  Once at Kadaver’s mansion, Tracy faced three deadly rooms while Rikki jammed his wrist wizard device with her computer skills.  Tracy of course defeated each deadly challenge and finally battled Kadaver, defeating the deadly assassin by throwing him into a deep pool of wet, soup like concrete.  Rikki, who had been asked to retrieve the captives, escaped once she found the captives had been rescued by Blackjack and that Kadaver had been defeated.

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