Stiletta Jones

StilettaJonesAlthough you wouldn’t know it by appearance, Stiletta had American hill country roots and Jones married Floyd “Flattop” Jones when the two were teenagers.  The young loves had two children, Floyd Jr. and Angelica, more commonly known as Flattop Jr and Angeltop.  After the kids were born, Stiletta left Flattop and travelled to Europe where she joined a Circus and became known as the Mistress of Knives.

In the following years, Flattop, Flattop Jr, and Angeltop were all killed after conflicts with law enforcement.  Stiletta returned to the United States seeking revenge for her family, brining with her some muscle in a man named Hugo and a surgeon named Franz.  They waited for the perfect time to strike and when Dick was wounded in the raid on the Panda Talent Agency, she swooped into action.

TheJonesThe trio carjacked and ambulance and took Dick Tracy in a sedated state, keeping him at a warehouse where Stiletta instructed Franz to repair his shoulder but to slowly drain Dick of blood to keep him weak before they killed him.Sam Catchem tracked Stiletta’s warehouse hideout down with some crucial information from information broker Pouch.  Jones was aware enough to capture Catchem and all five left in an  ambulance.  With Hugo and Stiletta sitting in the front, Dick faked a heart  attack, which Sam played up.  When Franz charged a defibrillator, Sam used it on the doctor and he and Tracy escaped out the back.  Stiletta did not stop to track them down and instead escaped to get revenge another day.

Since her first attempt, Stiletta has laid low in the city, crossing paths with other wanted rogues such as B-B Eyes, Mumbles, Doubleup and Blackjack.  When murderous hitman Abner Kadaver played dead to escape prison, Stiletta hired the efficient assassin to kill Tracy.  Abner took the contract and used Tracy’s uncle Ray and daughter Bonnie as bait to lure Dick to his murder mansion.  Tracy was able to defeat every trap and Kadaver himself to stay alive, albeit with the help of Blackjack.

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