Texie Garcia

TexieGarciaBig Boy’s clever moll, Texie was left with the smoking gun and took the blame after Big Boy shot Pat Patton through his apartment door. She was arrested, but refused to testify against Big Boy. She then tricks a lawyer Hy Habeas into paying her bail.  Habeas was working with the ex-politician Dubbs and planned to kill her in revenge for past blackmails but she turned the table by sending a package to another lawyer with evidence against both men should she die or go missing.  Tracy tracks the trio down during this exchange, intent on saving Texie from murder and when he arrives Dubbs chooses to suicide himself.  Texie and Habeas escape out the back door.

Texie teamed up with Dan Mucelli who ran a dope ring out of a bakery for Big Boy.  Texie lured in Junior to be their “bread” delivery boy, planning on using Tracy’s young protege to somehow get evidence that was in police posession.  The plan didn’t work out when Junior discovered a vial of drugs was hidden in the bread.  After a difficult investigation in which Dick Tracy was shot and briefly hospitalized, Tracy arrested Texie and Mucelli and hauled them off to jail.

In a 2011 storyline, we learned that Texie had a nephew named Ed Garcia who worked for Diet Smith Industries before he was fired and thus stole a top secret weapon prototype.

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