The Queen of Diamonds

QueenOfDiamondsA clever jewel thief obsessed with diamonds, Kimberly Myne, known on the street as the Queen of Diamonds was arrested ten years before her 2007 story for Grand Theft and served 10 years in prison.  When she was released, she made a deal with casino manager Mr. Facet of the Desert Diamond Casino.  She would rob the competing Emerald Emperor Casino, giving Facet the cash and putting his competition out of business in exchange of the famous blue diamond held at the Desert Diamond.  The plot they hatched as convoluted.  Facet planned the actual Emerald Emperor heist with Royal Flush and his gang of card themed hooligans who used a fake theft to focus police attention on the Desert Diamond during the robbery.  Tracy’s intuition served him well enough and he apprehended Royal and his gang during the robbery, but not before the Queen of Diamonds made off with all the gang’s loot.  The Queen returned to Mr. Facet to trade the cash for the blue diamond, but Tracy was again the wiser and waylaid her in the casino.  Kimberly revealed she was quite skilled in Karate, delivering quite a beating to Tracy before he threw what she thought to be the blue diamond off the casino roof towards the river.  The Queen of Diamonds desperately dove off the roof for the diamond and unluckily fell into the smoke stack of a passing tug, killing her.  It turned out the tossed diamond was in fact a blue crystal doorknob.

In a 2009 story line, we learn that the casino villian One-Eyed Jack is the brother of Kimbery Myne and blames Dick Tracy for her death.

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