These thugs and hooligans worked together as a well known gang, often under the leadership of a Boss or Gang Leader.  There have been relatively few actual gangs Tracy has faced down over the years.


Gang Name Active Years Leader Gang Members
The Larceny Gang 1932 Larceny Lu Buggs, Mickey, Duke
Bio: Larceny Lu’s gang was wanted for over five years and were known for stealing tires and other car parts. When Junior uncovered their warehouse hideout the gang had to run from the police and were arrested in Crossville.
The “25” Club 1933 Jimmy White Bud Clark, Snipe Moore, Knockout Nebbly and Dave
Bio: Led by Jimmy White, the “25” club was a group of young men who wanted to get rich by 25. They tried to con Junior into joining the club which led to their downfall and arrest. Jimmy was later killed. Of note, Bud Clark was a pickpocket, Snipe Moore a sharpshooter, Knockout Nebby a brawler and Dave a lookout.
Purple Cross Gang 1936 Purple Cross Boss Maylie, Baldy, several other members.
Bio: The Purple Cross gang were a group of men who all had purple crosses tattooed on their tongues to identify their affiliation. They simultaneously robbed banks in several towns before police had time to recover. After Baldy quit the gang, the gang Boss killed every other member of the gang after a dispute of loot distribution. The boss was then killed by Baldy, who ended up in jail for 20 years.
The Perfume Gang 1937 Julie Madeline Dell, Marge Dell, Madame
Bio: A trio of perfume thieves and their fence Marge who would steal expensive perfumes while shopping. After a mistake by Madeline, Dick Tracy investigated their operation and arrested them all in their hideout.
The Kitten Sisters 1957 Smith Sisters Trio led by Smith Sisters, former member Inga Yelma
Bio: The Kitten sisters were a group of performers who turned to crime. After going criminal, the fourth member of their team, skier Inga Yelma dropped out and they shot her with a bow. Dick Tracy would investigate and the sisters would take him prisoner until he escaped. The sisters fled on stilts and motorcycle, joining up with Spike Dyke’s travelling show. Spike went to the cops so the Sisters took him hostage and drove off in his car. Tracy pursued in a helicopter, shooting out their engine and arresting the trio.
The sisters were probably inspired by the Kitten Sisters, a team of acrobats in “The Spike Jones Show”.
The Hardley Boys 1959 Charley Hardley Uno, Duo, Trey and Quad.
Bio: Uno, Duo, Trey and Quad were quadruplets who worked for their father Charley Hardley who ran a slot machine syndicate. The brothers were the hooded thugs responsible for drowning Mary Jones and shooting Headache dead. When Mary Jones’ daughter Popsie went to Dick Tracy for help, he placed a Teleguard under the hood of their car which led him to the Hardley boys hideout; an old hurricane-damaged lobster restaurant. Tracy and police raided the hideout with tear gas and in the process Duo, Trey and Quad were killed. An injured Uno secretly escaped using a hidden streetcar and sought refuge in his uncle E. Kent’s general store. Tracy managed to trace Uno to Kent’s store where he arrested the final brother. The arrest was short lived because Uno collapsed from blood loss and died soon after.
The Hardley Boys were a pun on the crime fighting Hardy Boys.
The 52 Gang 1962 Ace of Spades (Littl Notting)  One member for each non-joker card in a deck
Bio:Led by the Ace of Spades and the Royal Flush leadership, the 52 Gang was a criminal gang with global asperations that stole Diet Smith’s Space Coupe to aid their expansion. Read their full bio here.
The Hair Bandits 1968/9 Miss Intro Four members, one named Hab.
Bio: The Hair Bandits were a quartet of petty crooks who knocked out long haired women with chloroform and then shaved their heads to sell as expensive wigs on a black market through a woman named Miss Intro, i.e. The Painted Lady. Read their full bio here.
Heads Gang 2002 Pinhead Noodles, Blockhead, Birdbrain, Chowderhead, Creepface, Schnozz
Bio: Pinhead’s well armed “Heads” gang was involved in a downtown shootout with Dick Tracy and the police after plans to empty downtown for a robbery failed. Noodles, who was Pinhead’s lieutenant was jailed while of the remaining five, one unknown member was killed, another wounded, two apprehended while a fifth may have escaped.
The Bird Gang 2002, 2003 Red Hawk Turkey, Buzzard, Pigeon, Tweety, Coot, Loon, Pelican, Crow, Old Owl, Dove
Bio: Hawk’s Bird Gang is known for knocking off jewelry stores. The gang consisted of Turkey (a lowlife), Buzzard (a grave robber), Tweety (a snitch), Piegeon (a stoolie), Coot (an old crook), Loon (crazy and laughable), Pelican (a bag man), Crow (a thief), Old Owl (a lookout) and Dove (Hawk’s Dame and runs the roost). Tweety’s reputation as a snitch means the gang does not often involve him in their crimes. The gang’s hang was originally the ACME seed company. The gang hit the wall after a failed robbery of the underground jewelers at Suds Carwash when Tracy arrested the entire gang. The gang escaped from prison using Hang Chutes within the year and killed Suds and laid a trap for Dick Tracy. Tracy escaped the trap when Dove turned good and Hawk was killed by a Tiger while Sam gunned down Coot. Dove escaped while the remainder of the gang was arrested again.
The All Purpose Gang 2004 Fiendish Fred Pilfer Patty, Bomber Bob, Razor Ralph, Harry Heist, Automatic Andy, Forgery Fred, Sam the Scam, Machine Gun Mike, Safecracking Sam, Identity Theft Ike, Kidnap Kenny, Hotwire Harry
Bio: The All Purpose Gang led by Fiendish Fred had members with skillsets that covered nearly every possible need. Fred hatched a plot to sneak foreign terrorists into City U College and during the madness that followed the gang went on a robbery spree in the city. While dividing up the loot, the corrupt college security guard Frank Flunke shot Fiendish Fred and took control of the gang. A short time later, most of the gang was captured trying to escape on a cargo ship. Flunke and Pilfer Patty were shot dead during the raid. During the storyline it was noted gang member Kidnap Kenny had been killed a year earlier.
The High Tech Gang 2005 Cellphone Broadband, Burner, CD, Download, Digit, Handheld and Miss Laptop
Bio: Led by Cellphone, this gang of high tech pirates and hackers began copying in theater movies and selling them on the street and later with a telemarketing scam before they gave up the DVD business due to pressure from Dick Tracy. The gang next focused on technological espionage, targetting Diet Smith Industries and calling in a top hacker named Mr. Pixel. Burner and Laptop infiltrated Diet Smith’s company to pull off the heist, but Pixel and Download betrayed the gang, ratting everyone out to the cops while they tried to claim the tech loot. Everyone else but Cellphone was arrested, with the latter getting into a fist-fight with Download and the two were killed by a Diet Smith cellphone security device. Mr. Pixel would escape.


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