The Hair Bandits

HairBanditsThe Hair Bandits were a gang of wig wearing men whose crime of choice was knocking out women with a chloroform sponge while they slept at home and then shaving them bald to sell the hair for black market wigs.  The bandits supplied the hair to Miss Intro who owned The Painted lady and often these wigs were sold directly back to the humiliated women.

When a police cruiser pulled over one of the bandits and found a trunk full of blond hair, he reported the event back to Dick Tracy before letting the bandit go.  Tracy then took one of the Police Air Cars to observe the building where the bandit lived and without warrant sneaked in through the skylight to find a room full of real hair.  Before he could leave, however, three of the four bandits caught him and held him at bay with a shotgun.

Having a laugh while shaving Tracy’s head and using him as a punching bag, the three were caught off guard when Dick picked the lock on his handcuffs and fought back, nearly subduing the gang before the fourth member (named Hab) dropped a roof tile from a skylight on his head.  The bandits then got serious and shoved Dick into his air car and send it on a one way trip into the upper atmosphere, hoping the cold and lack of oxygen would kill him.

Fearful for a missing Tracy, Sam and Patton check their colleagues last known whereabouts and find signs of a struggle near the rooftop skylight.  Investigating further they find the hair-bandits stash and arrest the quartet who are then identified by the individualized necklaces each of them wear.

The Tracy death trap of course came to a conclusion when our battered hero cleverly uses a magnifying glass with his teeth to burn his ropes and descend the air car back to the station much to the relief of his coworkers.

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