Not your average thug or muscle, these hoodlums had street skills that they used to better themselves or sometimes an criminal organization.

NameActive YearsBrief BioLast Status
Pinkie the Stabber1931Ex-boxer and stick up ace who tried to disguise himself as a woman in police custody.Jailed
Ribs Mocco1931, 1932, 1933Big Boy's second in command, Ribs was responsible for several of the plots against Tracy.Unknown
Broadway Bates1932, 2012A con-man and violent thief who tried to get his hands on Mrs. Trueheart's delicatessen for her insurance money. Jailed
"Tug" Knox1932Swindler who staged a million dollar art heist.Jailed
Kenneth Grebb1932Part of Dan Mucelli's dope smuggling ring, Kenneth also hatched his own blackmail plots.Dead
Steve the Tramp1932, 1933, 1934, 1941Thug of a man and "owner" of Junior Tracy when he was an orphan on the streets.Free
Stooge Viller1933, 1939A clever and skilled hood, Stooge set Tracy up good and courted Tess.Dead
Gyp Reed1933, Gyp was a fence who sold jewelry and other items stolen by Maxine Viller and her gang.Jailed
Slicer1933, A car thief who was also a racketeer for Boss Herrod.Free
Slip Buckley1933, A well known gunman who was a racketeer for Boss Herrod.Jailed
Confidence Dolan1933, A confidence man who lost $10,000 of Big Boy's money.Jailed
Jimmy White1933, 1934Head of the 25 Club Gang resolved to be rich by the time they were 25.Dead
Boris Arson1934, 1935Bank robbing and police killing pair with his sister Nora.Jailed
Nora Arson1934, 1935Bank robbing and police killing pair with her brother Boris.Dead
Cutie Diamond1935Bank robber and cop killer, Cutie was an accompice of Boris and Zora Arson and had a cave hideout in the Ozarks guarded by wildcats.Dead
Collie Vinsso1937Collie Vinsso attempted to blackmail socialite Johnny Mintsworth with fake photographs.Unknown
Stud Brozen1937, 1938Last member of the Supeena gang a slave trader.Dead
Lee Ting1938Stud Bronze's superior in the slave trade.Unknown
Johnny Ramm1938Head of a smuggling ring working for Mayor Chiang.Jailed
Jojo Nidle1938Train robber.Dead
"Nails" Wolley1939Conman/swindler focused on jewelry and gems.Jailed
Scardol1939Stolen car gang leader and cop killing gangster who murdered three lawmen.Dead
Whip Chute1939Whip captured two Bovanian princes in a plot to easily loot wealthy estates.Dead
Relllik1939Relllik captured two Bovanian princes in a plot to easily loot wealthy estates.Jailed
Nat Natnus1939The so called Fur King, Nat stole furs and fenced them for profits.Jailed
Yogee Yamma1940Con-man who used hypnotic gas to rob widows of their wealth.Dead
Krome1940, 1941A maker of deadly Toy's, Krome creating a murdering business called Crime Inc.Dead
Selbert Depool1941An escaped lunatic who kills his father.Dead
The Mole1941An ex-counterfeiter who provided shelter for criminals and then killed them.Free
Tiger Lily1942Con-man and criminal who created accidents for his own benefit.Jailed
Laffy Smith1943A lunatic crook who took over a doctor's office for the drugs.Dead
Needles1943Partner of Laffy Smith who attemtped to blackmail the lunic.Dead
Shaky Trembly1944Extortionist who tried to use Snowflake Falls to extort money from banker.Dead
Itchy Oliver1945Gangster with a habit of scratching, Itchy tried to recover Shaky's stash of money.Dead
Measles Enog1945, 1981, 2012Organized a dope dealing operation into a local prison using his mother on the inside.Dead
Mortimer1946Confidence man who played the role of mail order groom to steal an inheritence.Dead
Gargles1946Ran a protection racket on drug stores involving mouthwash.Dead
Hypo1947A home stick-up man who used dummy copies of the magazine "Glance" to get him in the door.Jailed
Mumbles1947, 1955, 1979, 1990, 2011, 2012, 2013A guitar player and hold-up artist with a speech impediment.Free
Beardsly1948A fence who offered to buy gems stolen by Shoulders.Dead
Heels Beals1948Short confidence man who conned Acres O'RileyJailed
Mousey1949Shoplifter who created distractions by letting mice loose in shops.Free
Wormy Marron1950A grotesque killer who is identified by Tracy on his honeymoon.Dead
Blowtop Jones1950, 1985Angry brother of Flaptop who attempted to avenge his brother.Free
T.V. Wiggles1950Ran a protection racket involving televisions.Dead
Keenan Plain1950A surgeon who replaced his lost arm with a blowtorch.Dead
M.T. Williams1951Hijacker who got stuck with a load of diapers and took it badly.Dead
3-D Magee1953Blackmailer who along with his girl Pony tried to blackmail Uncle canhead.Jailed
Ned Noxx1954Fence who worked and was killed by Rughead after Ned killed Corny.Dead
Nothing Yonson1955, 1956A nightclub owner and gangster who employed both Joe Period and Lizz Worthington.Dead
Oodles1955An enormous man who murdered a man for his wife in exchange for money.Dead
Joe Period1955, 1956A violent thug who worked with Nothing Yonson and later Flattop Jr.Jailed
Ivy1956A counterfeiter who staged a murder to marry the woman Flossie.Jailed
The Clipso Brothers1957Brothers who tried to con shoe mogul Morin Plenty.Dead
Mr. Setton1957A dwarf who assisted the Clipso Brothers and then tried to leave.Dead
Warty Weener1958A criminal who helped rob $1 million from a cruise ship.Dead
Pantsy1958A gang leader with a plan for finding a stash of buried cash.Jailed
The Dropper1958A smuggler and criminal who lived in Cuba.Dead
Headache1959Invented the "Baby Buggy" disguised slot machine.Dead
The Rhodent1959A thief who tried to steal $1 million dollars in small change.Dead
Flyface1959, 2011Accomplice of the Fifth's, Flyface was always surrounded by flies.Dead
Spots1960Spot covered thief who used murder and blackmail in attempts to obtain money.Dead
Jack of Spades1962A senior member of the 52 GangDead
Ten of Spades1962A member of the 52 Gang's Royal Flush leadership.Dead
King of Spades1962Stole the Space Coupe and a leader in the 52 Gang.Dead
Palm Bucker1967A con-man who briefly tired to help Haf and Haf.Jailed
Posie Ermine1968A perfume bootlegger and murderer.Jailed
Pouch1970, 1971, 2011, 2012Loose skinned criminal who created pouches hidden on his body.Free
Johnny Scorn1971Popcorn loving criminal who worked with Molene.Dead
Big Brass1974Big Brass was a con-man and swindler who sold brass "Health Rings".Dead
Fencer1974Partnered with Big Brass to steal $2 million in mob money.Dead
Pucker Puss1976Killer who kidnapped Lizz Worthington.Dead
Art Dekko1980Art forger and high class thief.Unknown
Twitchy Oliver1983Brother of Itchy who sought a fortune hidden by his departed brother.Jailed
B.D. Eyes1983Brother of B.B. Eyes who sought a fortune hidden by his brother.Jailed
Murky Depps1984, 1986A hard to understand criminal who took part in several money schemes.Unknown
Putty Puss1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 2011, 2012A former actor turned criminal who had a changable putty-like face.Jailed
Hi-Top Jones1990, 1991Grandson of Flattop Jones involved with a young urban gang.Unknown
NoFace1993, 2000, 2003A non-descript criminal who often passes unnoticed by those around him.Unknown
Dab Stract1995, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2008Art thief who plagued Dick Tracy for years.Free
Sal Monella1998, 2003, 2004Criminal who's crimes involved finding alternate uses for garbage.Unknown
Snails2001Very, very slow moving criminal with a love of snails.Jailed
Suds2002, 2003Ran a carwash that covered diamond laundering business used by many criminals in the city.Dead
Squint2002Jeweler who partnered with Suds to move stolen jewelry.Unknown
Feets Diamond2003Escaped convict possibly getting information from a cophouse mole.Free
Big Al2004Mobster who laundered money through his waste management company.Dead
Grimley Reaper2004Hired by Piggot E. Bank to steal a scientific biofuel from a Plenty farm.Dead
Cy Chotic2005Violent criminal who forced the stage magician Moonrock into crimes.Dead
Scratchy2005Habitual scratching criminal, Scratchy partnered with Cy Chotic.Jailed
One-Eyed Jack2007, 2009One eyed hoodlum who was involved in several casino crimes.Dead
Big Al2008Hoodlum who organized several bank robberies for Baskerville.Jailed
Watson2008Criminal who got a job in the Police station as a janitor.Jailed
Johnny Nothing2010Grandson of the Blank who sought revenge on Tracy.Jailed
George Romero2011Drug dealer who received his drugs from Hot RizeJailed
Doubleup2011, 2012, 2013Devil haired villain with an interesting verbal tick and a murderous streak.Free
Bookie2012Drug dealing partner of Measles.Dead
Arnie2012Drug supplier for low level drug dealers like Measles.Free
Bardoll2013Worked for the Consortium and attempted to steal the Space Coupe.Dead
Hy Pressure2013Worked for the Apparatus as a strong-arming agent.Dead
Méliès2013Top operative for the Black Hearts consortium.Alive
Bill “Shortcake” Mitchell2013Apparatus member and victim of Abner Kadaver over Halloween.Dead

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