Joe Period

A violent young man and hitman who worked for Nothing Yonson when introduced and would rough up then photographer Lizz Worthington which helped encourage her to take up law enforcement. Joe was then hired by Mr. Pocketclip who had a crush on nightclub singer Julie Marrlin and wanted Joe’s help to get a date with the singer. Joe fell in love with Julie and killed Mr. Pocketclip and then accidently killed Julie. It turns out Julie was the sister of Lizz Worthington. Fleeing from the police, Joe would wreck a stolen vehicle but escape. Badly bleeding, he sought help from Nothing Yonson who waited for Joe to pass out and then ditched his body on a train inside a cello case. A travelling hobo found Joe and patched him up. Plotting revenge against Nothing, Joe was cornered by police and when Lizz moved in for an arrest, Flattop’s son, Flattop Jr knocked her unconscious and the two escaped.

Joe Period and Flattop Jr. were then on the run in Flattop’s high tech car. Low on cash and seeking revenge, the two rob Nothing Yonson’s place, shooting Nothing in the process. After the robbery Joe was captured by the police while Flattop Jr. got away with the cash.

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