BardollBardoll was an operative who worked for the Consortium, a criminal group that slowly began taking over criminal operations from the Apparatus.  When Doctors Tim Sail and Zy Ghote “regenerated” Moon Maid from a scrap of her DNA as part of a complicated plot to obtain a Space Coupe, Bardoll was sent with the pair to Smith Industries for a meeting with Diet Smith.  Bardoll slipped away from the group to the Moon Suite where he shot a security guard and boarded the Space Coupe.  Unable to get it moving, Bardoll was disarmed when Diet used a remote control to active the Coupe’s magnetic field, pulling all metal toward its hull.

Knowing he was trapped, Bardoll escaped the Coupe and threw down smoke pellets and ran to the facility roof.  With Dick Tracy chasing, the Consortium agent hid around a corner in shadows and wrapped a choke chord around the detectives neck.  Grappling and fighting close to the edge of the building, Tracy was able to flip Bardoll over the side.  Bardoll fell to his death.  Hard questions were asked of Sail and Zy Ghote, but they claimed innocence in the plot and neither was arrested.  Bardoll, whose Consortium role was later replaced by the moon-faced Méliès, was according to Fritz Ann, “long been on the FBI wanted list.”

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