Blackjack is a famous bank robber who has toured the country pulling heists at banks with bad reputations.  Modelling himself off John Dillinger, an interview of Blackjack revealed he longed to match wits with one of his idols, Dick Tracy.  Blackjack arrived in Tracy’s hometown in March of 2012 and robbed his first bank with a three-man crew. Like all his robberies, no one was hurt and only bank money was taken.  During the robbery, the Chumbawamba song Tubthumping was played by a device around the bank robbers neck.  Blackjack was said to be very accurate with his pistol.


FBI Agent Fritz Ann Dietrich had been tracking Blackjack and arrived in to coordinate with Dick Tracy.  Blackjack’s next target was the Whole Sum Bank & Trust, which had gained a bad reputation for an attempted foreclosure of Hotshot Airlines.  Blackjack and his goons hit the bank knowing Tracy would be waiting.  He released all the hostages except bank president Mr. Wormsworth and asked for Tracy to come inside.  Tracy surrendered himself as asked and Blackjack brought the detective to the rooftop to witness his escape.  The criminal crew slid down a zip line down to the street below, which was covered in late season snow.

There they hopped on a prepared snow plot to escape and Tracy chased after them in a snow mobile, much to his foe’s delight. At one point Blackjack knocked one of his men out of the plow when that man attempted to shoot Tracy.  Eventually the plow was cornered and Blackjack gave himself up in return for Tracy allowing him to shoot a hole in his hat.  The criminal wanted the hat put up on the wall Dick kept for his hats.  Agent Dietrich took Blackjack into FBI custody.

BlackJackHelpsA few months later Blackjack sent Tracy a friendly greeting after he escaped prison using a pez dispencer and he was last seen meeting a few of Dick’s other foes, including Mrs. Flattop and B-B Eyes.  Using a stolen wrist wizard, Blackjack began keeping tabs on Tracy and when Abner Kadaver kidnapped his daughter Bonnie and Uncle Joe to lure Tracy to his “Murder Mansion”, Blackjack followed Tracy and was able to even the odds and allow Dick to survive the assassination attempt.


It seems Blackjack was named in honor of historical robber, Thomas “Black Jack” Ketchum.

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