Blowtop Jones

BlowtopWalter “Blowtop” Jones was the older brother of notorious Flattop Jones and is known for his distinctive “Woo! Gosh!” temper that explodes from him at the simplest of provocation. After his brother’s death, Blowtop Jones kidnapped young Junior Tracy and destroyed Dick Tracy’s home with twenty sticks of dynamite to get revenge for his brother.  Blowtop and his flunkies Joe and Toots attempted to kill Junior by sealing him a drum and dropping him off a cliff but the lad survived and would draw pictures of the criminals for the police.  Joe and Toots turned on Blowtop who escaped after taking a bullet and then like his brother before him ran into Vitamin Flintheart.  Flintheart again was fooled by a “Top” and unwittingly began fencing stolen cash from the Boston Express Robbery for Blowtop.  When Vitamin inadvertently lost Blowtop’s money which was hidden in a shirt, Blowtop shot the thespian but then was apprehended by Tracy trying to escape.  Vitamin was hospitalized but would survive.

He served his time in jail and was released on parole years later.  From this point forward, Blowtop generally kept clear of crime, refusing to help his niece Angeltop and the son of the Brow in their plot to kill Dick Tracy.  The elder “Top” still became a leading suspect in Lizz Worthington’s kidnapping and threats against Tracy and Diet Smith.  Adding to the suspicion, Blowtop came in to over a million dollars which he claimed as inheritance from a thought to be dead Angeltop.  This money actually came from Angeltop herself to help her appear dead and her uncle returned the money a couple years later.  She would use the money for her plot to blow up Diet Smith’s new fusion power plant.  Tracy questioned Blowtop during his investigation into Angeltop and while he did not know any details of Angeltop’s plan, he did confess to Tracy that his niece was hiding out in a replica of the Santa Maria in the harbor.  Angeltop was killed during the case and Blowtop was never charged with any crime, actually turning states evidence against Angeltop’s accomplices Quiver Trembly and Prunella LaBoche.

BlowtopFlattopFlashbackIn the 80th Anniversary flashback storyline, Blowtop was shown engaging in a bank robbery with his brother Flattop and several others. When the police arrived, Blowtop and Flattop made their getaway. Flattop criticized his brother for abandoning their comrades, and questioned why Blowtop doesn’t resemble the rest of the family. Flattop considering asking their mother why Blowtop looks different, indicating that she was alive at the time if this story and had some contact with her son(s).

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