Broadway Bates

BroadwayBates2When Mrs. Trueheart hires an honest man by the name of Heine to watch her delicatessen, the criminal Broadway Bates sees the opportunity to make some easy cash. He instructs his girl Belle to try to con Heine so they can get their hands on Mrs. Trueheart’s insurance money from the death of her husband Emil.  Dick Tracy gets suspicious and during the course of his investigation soon has a load of bricks dropped on his head by one of Broadway’s men. Broadway holds Tracy hostage and ttortures him with a blowtorch to his feet, trying to get Tracy to write a ransom note. Before Tracy gives in, Heine comes to the rescue and unties Tracy, who then subdues Broadway and takes him and Belle to prison.

BrodwayBatesAndBelleBroadway Bates fell out of the strip until 2012 when it was revealed he was living with his brother Oswald Cobblepot in a city with a caped crimefighter.  This was a light-hearted reference to the fact Broadway Bates and the Penguin from Batman comics look very similar.  Fed up with costumed crimefighters, Broadway and Belle decides to return to a city with cops who follow the rule of law.  To their consternation new crime fighter The Cinnamon Knight and his arch-nemesis The Black Piranha are on the front page of the papers.  This upsets Broadway, who hopes to get back into counterfeiting and he and Belle come up with a plan to send a message to anyone who wears a costume in “his” city.

Not knowing that the whole thing is elaborate cosplay and that the Piranha and Cinnamon Knight are romantically involved, Belle dresses up as Willa Scarlet, a super-villainess and teams up with the Black Piranha to rob an armored car.  Broadway and a couple of gunmen sit in the armored car, waiting to gun down costumes.  When Belle and the Piranha begin their robbery the gunmen open fire on both women.  Despite Belle’s cries to hold fire, Broadway orders his men to continue shooting.  Dick Tracy however, has been tipped off on the robbery and returns fire and Broadway and his men are trapped and forced to surrender.  The Black Piranha survives the shooting since she was wearing Kevlar but Belle is badly wounded and it’s unknown if she survives.

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