Dab Stract

An art thief known for painting forgeries of the paintings he stole, Dab Stract was badly disfigured before 2003 and sought help from plastic surgeon Dr. Beau Tox.  Dr. Tox gave Dab Stract a new “artistic” face which Stract used to steal a Picasso but his face was revealed when he tried to sell the painting.  He again sought a new face from Dr. Tox who deviously gave Dab the face of Dick Tracy while making Tracy (who happened to be a client) look like Haf and Haf.  Together the two with Prunehilda, Heartless Mahoney and NoFace robbed an entire museum of its artwork.  Dab Stract was arrested soon after by Lizz and Sam when they became suspicious of his impersonation of Dick Tracy.  Dab told everything he new to the detectives who quickly foiled the plot.  While in prison the police department restored Dab Stract’s original face to encourage him to testify against Dr. Tox in court.  Tox’s face however had been scarred by acid and Stract was unable to make a positive identification and Dr. Tox was released.  Dab Stract was still taken into witness protection.

A couple years later (2008) Dab Stract went legit and produce a work for an art for a man named Mr. Cole Lector.  Lector was crazed himself and kidnapped a number of prominent figures in town (including Lizz), all represented in the art work Dab had created.  Tracy tracked down Stract and with his help found Lector’s home and went in to free the hostages.  Dab followed Tracy in and when he saw Cole Lector about to kill Dick Tracy, shot the art collector with a bow and arrow, killing him and saving Tracy.

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