DoubleupThe devil haired Doubleup got his name from his speech habit of addicting the last line of nearly anything statement he makes.  Doubleup seems to have an habitual personality and became obsessed with the comic book character the Scarlet Sting, perhaps because of his sidekick Ponytail to which he is very attracted.

When the Scarlet Sting was turned into a movie Doubleup tried to shake down the makers into paying him off.  Assisting him was a shady aide named Shaun and a runaway named Emma Parks who served as the stand-in for the Ponytail lead.  Little did Doubleup know, the actor portraying the Scarlet Sting was a law enforcement agent from Hawaii named Haku Kou.  Haku approached Dick Tracy with the movies situation and Lizz Worthington went undercover as the new Pontytail stunt double, putting Emma Parks out of work.

Emma tried to quit on Doubleup and he killed her with a whip and then when he was not paid off by the movie producers donned the Scarlet Sting costume and threatened a tied up Lizz (it was part of the scene) with his whip.  Haku, also dressed as the Scarlet Sting battled the villain whip on whip and the verbally challenged criminal was disarmed and dumped into a pool of water where he was arrested.

Doubleup soon got out of jail when Panda, an agent of the new Mr. Crime posted his bail.  Soon after Doubleup’s associate Shaun was killed by Abner Kadaver and Apparatus lawyer Mr. Kleen had his murder charges dismissed.  Doubleup joined forces with a number of Tracy’s foes, including Mumbles, B-B Eyes and Kadavar.  During an epic raid on their hideout, Doubleup first attempted to take computer nerd Davey Mylar hostage, unaware Mylar was in fact his boss, Mr. Crime.  Blaze shot Doubleup, but not badly and Doubleup engaged the raiding police with his cohorts.  Using his whip he wounded Sam Catchem before Agent Dietrich shot him several times.

DoubleupMeetingAfter the raid he was taken into custody only to post bail weeks later with the help of a criminal lawyer named Kleen.  Mr. Kleen worked for the criminal organization, the Apparatus that boasted Mr. Crime as one of its members.  The organization arranged for B-B Eyes and Mumbles release as well, with B-B Eyes acting as their capo.  The trio laid low, meeting with other criminals such as Mrs. Flattop and Blackjack while waiting for their next job.

That next job quickly came with the Apparatus instructing the trio to shadow their agent Hy Pressure as he forced Pop Wheaton to sell his farms mineral rights.  Unknown the enforcers, Dick Tracy was there to catch Pressure in a string while members of the Consortium, another criminal group were also on the farm in an involved plot to steal Diet Smith’s Space Coupe.  B-B Eyes, Mumbles and Doubleup fought with Méliès and the Munro Brothers before Doubleup was sent to gather Pressure and the car.  Doubleup came upon a dazed Hy Pressure, who admitted he had failed to force Wheaton to sell.  Doubleup produced his whip and snapped Pressure’s neck for his failure.

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