FlyfaceOne of the more disgusting villains, Felix Weatherlimmp, aka “Flyface” was a one time lawyer who was constantly surrounded by a cloud of flies.  Flyface was often partnered with the crime boss Willie the Fifth often doing work Fifth didn’t want to do.  When Fifth targetted Lizz Worthington Flyface helped him capture Lizz and Dick Tracy but the two would escape and the pair had to run.  Fifth and Flyface were soon captured in their new hideout and then managed to escape from jail by starting a fire and disguising themselves as fire fighters.  The pair met an undercover Honolulu police officer named Haku Kou who lured them to a Hawaiian beach.  There the Honolulu police surrounded them and Flyface and Fifth refused to leave the beach.  A rogue tidal wave crashed on shore and the two appeared to be killed.

In 2011 Willie the Fifth and Flyface reappeared with Fifth speaking at an America for Americans rally.  Tracy attended the event and learned Fifth and Flyface had been working anti-terrorism for the FBI in Hawaii.  Fifth, however, could not stay away from his criminal roots.  When Pouch approached him a stolen prototype beam weapon offered by Ed Garcia, Fifth was more than eager to deal.  To sweeten the pot, he crossed paths with Lizz at a tanning salon and took her hostage.  Fifth met up with Garcia and Flyface at a storage locker, intending to test the beam weapon on Lizz.  Flyface refuses to take part in the murder, so Fifth turned the weapon on his old attorney, killing him in a blinding flash.  Tracy arrived just after and fired on Willie, hitting the device and Fifth and Garcia were both killed in the explosion.

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