Haf and Haf

hafandhaf2Born in 1923, Tulza “Haf-and-Haf” Tuzon looked like Batman villain Two-Face.  He was a chemical truck driver during World War II when half of his face scarred by acid in an accident after which he would become a circus “freak” with Circling Brothers Circus. Haf and Haf ran a scam in which dozens of trained Crows would steal handbags. He murdered his wife with a machine gun in order to marry his lover, circus high diver Zelda the Great. When Zelda discovered that Tulza had killed (rather than divorced) his first wife, she threatened to go the police and Haf and Haf nearly murdered her before Dick Tracy rescued her. The fleeing Haf and Haf met a blind dowager named Kora Steel who had left her husband’s body to rot in a hidden room to avoid inheritance tax.  He attempted to romance the widow in order, planning to later murder the woman and steal her cash but Tracy thwarted him again and Tuzon was incarcerated.  While locked away he was forced to wear a straight jacket to prevent suicide.

Years later Haf and Haf was released from prison after undergoing plastic surgery at the hands of Dr. Will Carver and attempted once again to kill Zelda by means of a poisonous snake for which Tracy provided the antidote.  In revenge, Zelda hurled acid in Haf and Haf’s face, restoring his disfigurement.

HafandHafWhen the “Dick Tracy Story” was filmed in Los Angeles in 1990, Dick Tracy agreed to take play himself for a fee of one million dollars.  The movie featured many of Tracy’s most famous foes but did not include a Haf and Haf character.  Tuzon was offended and became the chauffeur for the actress Fame, a woman he had met years ago in the circus.  Fame was playing the role of Tess Trueheart.  Haf and Haf tried a number of times to kill Dick Tracy by sabotaging the film (live bullets, falling lights, etc) and eventually he took on the mask of the Blank and swung down to threaten Tracy with a sword.  Tracy talked Haf and Haf down, convincing him if Dick had written the script, Haf and Haf would have been given top billing.  This appeased Tuzon and Tracy kindly knocked him out cold .

In 2003 a plastic surgeon named Dr. Beau Tox gave Prunehilda and Heartless Mahoney younger faces and teamed up with the women, NoFace and Dab Stract to steal a museum full of artwork.  Tox performed plastic surgery on Dick Tracy, making him appear as Haf and Haf while he gave Dab Stract a face that looked like Dick Tracy’s.  The crime was initially successful (although Dab Stract was arrested) but when the surgeries wore off Prunehilda and Heartless were so angry they poured acid on Dr. Tox’s face.  When Tox’s features were revealed he looked exactly like Haf and Haf.  Police would quickly arrest the scarred doctor.  It should be noted Tox shot Prunehilda dead and wounded Heartless in the attack.  Unless it is revealed that Dr. Tox was indeed Haf and Haf, the true Haf and Haf never appeared in this story.

There is a wonderful blog article about Haf and Haf and Two-Face from Batman with comments from Max Allen Collins located here.  http://about-faces.livejournal.com/27143.html

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