An afflicted man constantly suffering migraines is the genius behind slot machines disguised as baby buggies.  Tired of his criminal life, Headache decides to retire and sell his “baby buggy” company to two of his henchmen.  Unfortunately for him, the Syndicate put up the cash for the purchase, and Headache soon finds himself the Syndicate’s slave with a woman named Mary Jones as his boss.  Mary has a daughter named Popsie and the two are very close.  Headache looks for a way out and gets the upper hand in the siutation, holding Mary and Popsie off at gunpoint and switching the slot machines so they will continously payout money.  Headache then manages to convince Mary to run away from the Syndicate with him and the three drive out of town at Christmas.  Syndicate henchmen the Hardley brothers are immediatly after the trio and soon Mary is abducted and drowned by the hooded men.  Blaming Headache for her mother’s death, Popsie runs away and Headache is captured by the Syndicate soon after.  Forced his slot machines, Headache is shot and his body dumped into the ocean.

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